New Consumer-Friendly Crypto Wallet for Casual Gamers

New Consumer-Friendly Crypto Wallet for Casual Gamers

By Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Friday, February 14, 2020

A new consumer-friendly crypto wallet is introduced for casual gamers, eliminating the byzantine levels of complications.     

FREMONT, CA: An all-in-one blockchain company, WAX, has launched a consumer-friendly crypto wallet that will open blockchain apps to casual gamers and consumers. The new platform is a simple and powerful cryptocurrency wallet that makes blockchain applications as easy to log in and use as an account. WAX Cloud Wallet works on mobile just as smoothly as it does on desktop, facilitating dApp developers like Prospectors to target non-blockchain savvy users who don't care to learn blockchain security protocols. With the launch of WAX Cloud Wallet, gamers can now endure frictionless account set up and implement Prospectors, an extensive multiplayer online real-time economic strategy.

The WAX Cloud Wallet has made playing a blockchain game streamlined, without any requirement of players to connect to a third-party wallet. With the WAX Cloud Wallet, customers simply login with Twitter, Facebook, and other well-known social platforms and can forgo private key management collectively. The WAX Cloud Wallet eliminates the friction commonly associated with blockchain wallets for consumers and developers alike two-click blockchain account creation, which enables users to create a WAX Blockchain account and log in using their preferred sign-in methods without the need to download MetaMask or another crypto wallet. The WAX Cloud Wallet is powered by Worldwide Asset eXchange™, which features free and instant transactions designed for video gaming and digital item-focused dApps.

WAX Tokens are utility tokens enabling virtual goods to be tokenized and exchanged on cryptocurrency easily. The company is a decentralized platform, facilitating everyone to operate a fully functioning virtual marketplace with zero investment in security, payment processing, or infrastructure. WAX enables developers to create, sell easily, and trade digital goods and enable businesses to profit from the next era of digital commerce.       

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