New Direct Issuance Platform for Accredited Investor Offerings

New Direct Issuance Platform for Accredited Investor Offerings

Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Wednesday, April 15, 2020

The new direct issuance platform is providing an end to end solution to organizations, offering security to investors.

FREMONT, CA: KoreConX has launched the Direct Issuance Platform for insurance companies to raise capital from around the world. Private organizations around the globe are raising funds where only one percent gets funded by VCs, while the rest end up going through several other channels. The KoreConX all-in-one Direct Issuance platform delivers companies an end to end solution, enabling them to offer their securities to investors with the confidence that only those who qualify can view and invest. This, in turn, mitigates issues with regulators in different countries. Modern organizations require providing reports to security regulators about whom they have distributed their offering to and who has invested.

KoreConX 's vision is to eliminate friction from all aspects of capital activities for companies around the world. Direct Issuance platform will be a direct result of understanding the friction companies that the organizations have to go through while raising capital and then having to report to regulators. The new platform is an ideal solution for companies doing direct issuance to investors. With the detailed offering of KoreConX's key management and dataroom, investors review the materials and walk through the online investment process at their leisure. The Direct Issuance platform comprises a completely branded platform on the issuing company's URL, e-signature, ID verification, KYC, AML, payment processing, investor verification, subscription agreement, and full post-transaction management.

KoreConX is the world's first highly secure, permissioned blockchain platform for fully-compliant digital securities worldwide. To ensure compliance with corporate law and securities regulation, the company's AI-based blockchain platform manages the full lifecycle of digital securities comprising the reporting, issuance, clearing, settlement, corporate actions, and custodianship. KoreConX connects businesses to the capital markets and secondary markets, expediting access to capital and liquidity for private investors. KoreConX is the first secure, all-in-one platform for private companies to manage their capital market activity and stakeholder communications.

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