New Intelligent Automation Solutions Fueling Capital Markets

New Intelligent Automation Solutions Fueling Capital Markets

Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Tuesday, September 15, 2020

The pace of transformation in the capital markets is accelerating. How are firms keeping up and staying ahead? Leveraging automation and choosing the right providers is essential. Here is the guide for business leaders.    

FREMONT, CA: The pursuit of enhancing automation in capital markets goes way back in time. And as the need for progress is accelerating, smarter ways are paving their roads to transform the capital markets landscape digitally. The capital markets firms, already excelling in the field of new-age technologies, are at the forefront of adopting the next wave of automation. The innovations in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are developing a favorable environment for intelligent automation to help capital markets firms.

Intelligent automation-enabled tools promise to offer significant operational improvements in capital markets. The automation techniques can be applied in various areas, especially mid and back-office functions that are ripe for their application. This is because there are many repetitive tasks in trade processing and client lifecycle management in the mid-back office. The scope and adoption of intelligent automation are rapidly increasing as new use cases emerge every day. 

Several players in intelligent automation are readily available with their innovative solutions, creating a smart business environment to improve operational performance and customer experience. By investing in newer applications of intelligent automation, firms can welcome new ways of working and finding success. For firms, discovering automation instruments that are vital for capital markets has become imperative. Business leaders are busy evaluating hundreds of players that bring innovative technologies to the capital markets space. Here is a list of top three solutions that have the capability to fulfill the burning need for cost-effective and flexible automation to tackle complex capital markets challenges.

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Leading players in the capital markets tech solution landscape are providing intelligent automation solutions for the financial services industry and businesses. Such automation solutions support multiple asset classes form trading and financing to post-trade processing, creating business value across the trade life cycle. An end-to-end automation solution driven by technology and deep expertise optimizes capital market businesses by developing a blueprint for automation adoption, easing migration, and optimizing the operating models. RPA improves the accuracy of fee and expense calculations, invoice management, and accounting. Automation solution providers in the market also understand the structure and importance of financial data in the decision-making process, and they specialize in enabling data analytics by cleansing, consolidating, and normalizing data, so the users can effectively realize business decisions and growth. What makes automation solutions promising and reliable is their business-driven approach delivering intelligence automation for operational excellence. By providing solutions that don’t just create efficiency but drive performance, automation solution providers take initiatives to create long-term value and growth in capital markets space.  

More stringent requirements and disruptive technologies are all challenging capital markets landscape to innovate more. Advanced strategies and solutions will be required for institutions to gain a competitive edge. Intelligent automation solutions assist many of today’s largest capital market firms in dealing with their most challenging issues. Vendors are bringing together their expertise in delivering custom intelligent automation solutions to clients in the industry and help firms accelerate their intelligent automation journey. Intelligent automation tools are providing significant value by lowering the cost of many legacy operations until a firm can move ahead with a broader change. Intelligent automation tools offer the most value in activities that are time-intensive, such as margin calls and settlements, reports that are repetitive but not automatically generated data collection from multiple sources and many others. Although there are opportunities across all operation areas, most automation solutions focus on functions such as trade support, reconciliation, settlement, internal reporting, and margin as they have the most to benefit from process automation tools.

With the influx of digital technology in capital markets, participants need to deploy advanced data management and business process automation solutions. Providers are leading the transformation with their highly configurable solutions for capital markets institutions, including best solutions around the portfolio, trade order, research, and compliance management, and performance and attribution analysis and reporting. With the help of intelligent automation solutions, firms add operating efficiency by eliminating boundaries between systems, information, and people. The ultimate aim of intelligent automation is to help companies focus on high-value activities that drive investment performance without any distraction. Most intelligent automation tools enable businesses to scale up quickly and enhance processes between the front and middle office teams.

The capital markets landscape is almost entirely digital today, and the firms are dealing with the challenge of coordinating and automating various operations. The promises of automation are enormous, but there are critical considerations for realizing the full potential of it. Some firms have been early movers in this regard and are already using intelligent automation tools in their operations. Many others are currently at a stage of exploration, and it is expected that more firms will realize the potential of intelligent automation tools in the coming years.    

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