Novel Digital Solutions for the Millennial Asset Managers!

Novel Digital Solutions for the Millennial Asset Managers!

By Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Blockchain technology delivers quality trading capabilities to the available digital asset management service platform.  

FREMONT, CA: UltrAlpha, a digital asset management service platform, and AlgoZ, Fingenom Group's algorithm-based trading company, collaborate for the upcoming test platform launch. UltrAlpha shares its platform with Alpha Pro, another asset management company to introduce its digital asset management product. The increasing demand for digital asset attracts investment institutions to enter the digital asset market. The company is putting efforts to build a comprehensive product, to offer service capabilities such as innovative digital asset management and more.  

UltrAlpha provides professional investment platform, with deep strategic collaboration with digital asset exchanges and brokers. AlgoZ helps the standard trading platform by creating quality trading algorithms and cracking codes of investments. Facilitating the experiences of proprietary trading and deep learning, it supports both the traditional and crypto markets and offers round the clock trading solutions to the clients. It deploys long/short alpha links strategy to highlight statistical differences and correlations between different crypto-asset.

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The new platform is powered by Alpha Pro to optimize and balance the risk of return and builds a robust set of risk control mechanisms. It stops loss and adapts to market sensitivity and automatically controls the trading volume by built-in delta-neutral consideration. Alpha Pro brings dynamic market-making and arbitrage strategies to keep an accurate record to the UltrAlpha Platform. It has more than 20 trading parameters to tackle the highly volatile trading market.

Both AlgoZ and Alpha Pro trading teams contribute to building a critical trading market structure to serving user need. It helps the users to connect with the potential investors through available digital asset managers and provide value-added fund admin services. UltrAlpha provides professional service platform with quality digital asset management spaces and supports the future growth of traditional finance and digital assets. The company safeguards client asset with scalable service platform and significantly help to select quality financial products with minimum investment and highly efficient processing. 

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