Revolutionary Trading Platforms to Create a Transparent Industrial...

Revolutionary Trading Platforms to Create a Transparent Industrial Market

Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Julie Lerner, Founder & CEO

Centralized trading systems on the web and mobile ecosystems provide commodity traders with a transparent cash market at the global level.    

FREMONT, CA: PanXchange launches the first institutional-grade industrial hemp exchange. The solution allows the end users including producers, processors, and trade houses to participate in a transparent and efficient cash market of industrial hemp products, ultimately paving the way for the creation of hemp derivatives contracts. The company is a reputed provider of physical commodities OTC market structure solutions based on web and mobile-optimized platform in the global market. “PanXchange’s platform is focused on the idea that strong underlying markets lead to robust derivative markets” quotes Julie Lerner, the Founder, and CEO, PanXchange. 

The company’s launched solution provides objective and reliable data to market-primed exponential growth, supporting both the exchange and pricing facility transactions in highly demanded raw materials used in the creation of Cannabidiol (CBD) products including biomass and crude oil. The isolated and distilled deliveries to the users ensure them of having a thorough interaction with vetted counterparties.

PanXchange’s software-as-a-service platform revolutionizes the ways of commodity traders, allowing them to enter orders into an active marketplace. The company’s platform reduces the time of contacting multiple brokers or trades and helps them to focus on increasing profits through more significant opportunities. “We are aggregating commodities into industry silos, all on a single platform for instant market access, price discovery, and negotiation of complex orders,” says Lerner. The provided platform has the feature to match the order, which enables the traders to bid on or offer multiple options such as quality and shipment window. The integrated market intelligence in the platform delivers speed and ensures the traders to gain a competitive edge. “We offer the ability to negotiate every aspect of a physical trade deal while also managing credit risk and counterparty risk,” explains Lerner.

PanXchange ranks among the Top 10 Trading solution providers, Capital Markets CIO Outlook. The company provides traders access to real-time market information, including pricing, volume, and geographical trends for a particular commodity across the entire market real-time state. Building benchmark pricing assessment values for products, PanXchange is expanding across the globe. 

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