SimilarWeb Introduces Stock-centric Data Sets for Investors

SimilarWeb Introduces Stock-centric Data Sets for Investors

Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Tuesday, December 15, 2020

As one of Wall Street's go-to sources of alternative data, hundreds of investment funds in over 25 countries rely on SimilarWeb data to make their investment decisions.

Fremont, CA: SimilarWeb, a leading provider of digital market intelligence, announced the introduction of stock-centric data sets for investors. Designed to track the digital performance of leaders in the SaaS and Media Streaming industries, including ZM, ZEN, SHOP, OKTA, BOX, CRM, NOW, PD, DOMO, NFLX, COUP, TYL, WDAY, and more, SimilarWeb Stock Intelligence provides unparalleled insights on a company's user base and growth over time. Driving the data set creation is a team of investor industry managers, available to provide customer support and tailored research, per industry.

"Investment analysts and data scientists need the ability to isolate digital signals, on demand," says Ed Lavery, Director of Investor Intelligence Solution at SimilarWeb. "We built the Stock Intelligence data sets so that our customers can still harness the immensity of SimilarWeb's universe of digital signals, but through a filter for individual companies they track."

Through a combination of machine learning with fundamental analysis, Stock Intelligence enables data scientists and investment analysts to monitor specific signals and KPIs per industry for SaaS companies, these signals reflect both SMB and enterprise account creation, as well as usage and churn, by both industry and geography, and for Media Streaming companies, conversion, subscriber and usage trends.

Stock Intelligence is part of SimilarWeb's Investor Intelligence Solution, which provides full visibility and near real-time insights into any private or public company's digital performance, covering over 100 million websites and 4 million apps across over 200 industries and 190 countries.

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