Smart Crypto-Trading Platform Enabling Deeper Insights, Know-How!

Smart Crypto-Trading Platform Enabling Deeper Insights, Know-How!

By Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Wednesday, July 31, 2019

The advanced single-source digital trading platforms help the crypto-trading community to access smart trading solution.  

FREMONT, CA: SmartBotCoin launches an advanced cryptocurrency trading platform, intended to serve both the beginners and the expert traders equally. The Single-source digital crypto-trading platform focuses on users’ experience, infinitely scaling architecture, real-time streaming for the market, and also portfolio updates with advanced security. It features both manual and automated trading to bring a real-time portfolio and market-data streaming to the web.

SmartBotCoin offers portfolio management, which includes asset allocation, advanced backtesting, and customized algorithms. The facilities build a personalized solution to suit individual trading styles and goals, social trading with news and options for expert traders. The feature of automated trading across exchanges with millisecond latency allows the customers to buy low and sell high. The company provides flexibility to the experts to participate in a leaderboard program and regular trading contests while getting paid for sharing the strategic allocation and trade models.  

The company facilitates an easy backtesting allocation with the strategic trading test. Data collected from multiple sources allows for up-to-date trading and financial news. The data are run through AI(Artificial intelligence) and learning algorithm to provide helpful sentiment scores for the active trader. The millisecond latency eases the manual trade execution across the multiple channels and enables the real-time streamlining of quotes, trades, and account updates. The advanced charts, trade histories, and calculators help the users to buy and sell amounts in terms of fiat currency. The company provides secure API keys encrypted and stored using hardware security modules.

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From gathering data to signal tracking strategy development and automated trading, SamrtBotCoin provides all the required information for modern investors to conquer the crypto market. The platform provides in-depth information and tailors the trading needs of the traders regardless of beginner, intermediate, and advanced. 

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