Social-Financial Capabilities Tailored for the Millennial Traders!

Social-Financial Capabilities Tailored for the Millennial Traders!

By Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Intuitive trading solutions powered by social platforms, allow the traders to connect and access real-time market updates.  

FREMONT, CA: Ticker Tocker, an intuitive trading product provider, partners with TalkMarkets, a social-financial platform developer. The new partnership boosts Ticker Tocker's latest addition, the Ticker Tocker Widget in the market. The trading platform provider offers cutting-edge trading tools and marketplaces features to the contributors on TalkMarkets. Over the past decades, the company has provided a series of trading products, integrated into a unique web-based platform.

The successfully hosted Ticker Tocker Widget allows the contributors to offer live broadcasts and actionable real-time trade ideas through their existing profiles. The partnership can be the initial steps for the distribution expansion plans of the company. The strategic placement and collaboration of the Ticker Tocker Widget frame the possibilities of future partnership with major brokers and technology partners, including within the distribution network. The combination frames a full facility to centralize the hub for all trading experts by 2020. The addition of partnerships and strategic placement of the application creates a seamless communication within the distribution network.

Ticker Tocker, to offer solutions for the trading industry, is now integrated into one singular web-platform. It provides a compelling social charting tool, which helps the user to visualize the market momentum. It allows the access of global network and connect with trading leaders to gain insights through live trade ideas, live broadcasts, and verified leader profiles. The available application creates and robo-trade complicated trading strategies with patented codeless drag and drops algorithm creator. It helps the trader to learn from exchanges and connected leaders with in-depth courses for beginners. Ticker Tocker' trading technology offers all-round products to reach customers. It provides real-time trading updates through advanced products and services, which effectively allows the users to join interactive live trading rooms and access the coverage of trading ideas and methods. The multi-feature product and service delivery of Ticker Tocker truly encourage the beginner and advanced traders to engage more in the global capital market.

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