Spotlighting the Latest Portfolio Management Trends in the Market

Spotlighting the Latest Portfolio Management Trends in the Market

By Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Thursday, August 22, 2019

A clear governance framework and futuristic features improve trading and provide investors with the opportunity to expand the scope and diversify the investment portfolio.  

FREMONT, CA: The capital market is in a bull-run, tempting the investors. If investors are not able to keep up with the market dynamics and pace, this temptation can anytime, turn into fear. Fortunately, new entrants offer a simple solution to all the above problems, and that is none other than the adoption of optimized and updated Portfolio Management Services (PMS). A portfolio can act as a custom-tailored tool kit to suit specific investment objectives. The industry is continuing to evolve at a rapid pace, and competition is fierce, and so are the opportunities. Thus, the need to tackle the ongoing regulatory pressure coupled with demand for investor level transparency is choosing PMS as the champion. Investors need to understand the growing direction of this investment management technology and know what significant providers are offering to them. To help investors, the game-changing trends in the market is discussed in detail below.

· Portfolio Prioritization

The concept of portfolio management is not new, but applying it to product organizations is a recent trend. This arrived as the product managers started prioritizing the product portfolio so that their major products get to market more quickly. PMS providers and startups are offering key features, including measuring portfolio through a variety of financial metrics, aligning with them the corporate and product strategy. These features ensure that the priorities are moving in the right direction, merchandise, and product line. This service secures the resources to deliver the product and evaluating any risk involved. Some startups have also included investment analysis to this service, which helps product managers to assess product, features, projects, and align them against the target set. Companies are offering product management team with the ability to drive outcomes onto the market.

· Resource Management

Investors must have resources to execute, and in cases, there may be too many projects for the resources available. Investors need to be sure that their precious resources are aligned to investments with the greatest financial returns. Many investors are relying on manual approaches to manage their complex portfolio. Sound planning, which ensures the resources for ongoing development, can deal with this challenge. To these startups working on growing PMS are providing the service of resource management. This service avoids resource bottlenecks, reduce risks, and respond to the dynamics of the investment landscape.

· Investment Management Analytics

To meet the investment management demands portfolio managers should be able to access investment backlog, that too from a single location. Through the service of investment management analytics, an investor can answer these questions about cost, capacity planning, and many others. Startups are offering analytics services where critical data is stored in one location, in real-time so that investors can access current data for management quickly. They also save time and effort allows investors to use data. Rather than investing time and money in manual handling of data, with this latest feature, an investor knows all the current and historical data instantly. Making changes to this information is also allowed. This innovative service removes all the unnecessary, time-consuming activities and delivers investors all the analytics and information to manage investment effectively.  


The investment management world is changing. New technologies, including analytics, data science, and algorithms, are enabling investors to analyze information more quickly and reduce trade time. By implementing the above services, investors are putting themselves in an optimal position to generate returns even in a low-yield environment.

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