Streamlining Capital market Operations as IA takes over the...

Streamlining Capital market Operations as IA takes over the Business Forefront

By Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Tuesday, September 03, 2019

The convergence of intelligent automation and operations in capital market firms is on its way to unlocking unprecedented intelligence, elevating the overall customer experience.   

FREMONT, CA: The capital markets ecosystem has been dynamically modified in recent years. Technology has developed at the forefront of the industry as it lays the foundation for successfully administering business operations. Intelligent automation-enabled tools guarantee to offer meaningful operational and productivity improvements in the middle and back office in capital markets. Its scope and level of adoption are swiftly expanding as new and domain-specific use cases emerge. Here are a few of the critical benefits that AI offers the capital markets.

· Boosting Process Efficiency

Intelligent automation, a combination of AI(Artificial intelligence) and automation, has risen to change business processes in every sector. Intelligent automation systems can identify and produce large amounts of information, automate an entire process, and adapt and learn as it keeps progressing with daily updates and cooperation. The application of IA is virtually boundless, from analyzing and collecting data to making judgments based on textual information and even guiding autonomous vehicles.

· Enhancing Customer Experience

Drawing new customers is much more expensive than maintaining the current ones. Hence, taking customer satisfaction into record and leverage intelligent automation to increase satisfaction and enhance the retention ratio is a necessity. For customers to be satisfied, companies have to take extra care of the services provided. Each customer touchpoint is necessary for overall satisfaction, and using intelligent automation technologies to gain customer loyalty is just a step away.

Reducing Costs and Risks

Intelligent automation is opening up new opportunities to develop a highly productive, efficient, errorless environment. It’s providing organizations a way to work smarter while also lowering risks and keeping costs at a minimum. Many businesses, both big and small face costing issues, and intelligent automation is seen as a solution to curb its challenges. With reduced cost, companies lookup for more profit-making both the employees and business happy.

· Advanced Fraud Detection

Innovations in the capital market sector have provided customers with several payment channels. This has led to a rise in the abundance of digital transactions. While it has become easier for customers to choose a suitable payment alternative, the risk to their identification and payment data has also developed. Since fraud is becoming more sophisticated, fraud solutions must also evolve. Businesses are fortifying themselves against fraud with technology-driven smart solutions that can detect and respond quickly. Given the results that AI and ML have accomplished in fighting fraud, its automation will revolutionize fraud prevention. Automated solutions powered by AI and ML offer businesses with powerful and intelligent tools that have immense potential to prevent fraud.

· Driving Innovation

Intelligent automation is already helping companies transform conventional performance tradeoffs to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency and quality. The accelerated development of intelligent automation is leading to a new era of innovation and productivity. As intelligent automation applications establish new standards of efficiency, speed, quality, and functionality, organizations that successfully employ it may transcend competitors that do not.

Automation has apparent benefits for automating specific tasks. Intelligent automation processes are built to respond to particular events and require reasoning capabilities. It is not a one-size-fits-all solution as capital marketing processes are event-based with disparate data exchange. To take advantage of intelligent automation, capital market needs to evaluate its operations to see if it is harmonious with its current business process management system. Advances in automation, backed by substantial capital investments, are fueling a new age of intelligent automation, likely to become a pivotal driver of organizational performance in the future. 

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