Tech-based Data Centers Transforming the Business Data Portfolio

Tech-based Data Centers Transforming the Business Data Portfolio

Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Technology-based solutions contribute to transforming the data center's digital economy while providing the budding organizations with attractive global investment ideas.  

FREMONT, CA:  Improvising the traditional data centers with technology implementations add significant financial growth to the organizations' portfolio. The tech-based data centers assist the enterprises to grow and experience full digital advantages. The next-generation data center infrastructure services provide profit-driven results and mitigating business risks. Significant advantages like cost-saving, easy usage, and high protection to valuable information of the organization have created new evolution in the global market. Automated data centers can help businesses gain high availability and secure administrative system. Whereas cloud builds a single platform for multiple users, making the workflow quick and precise.

Cloud-based Data Center

Companies develop a range of advanced telecommunications and networking technologies in software-defined exchange services. Cloud helps to innovate, accelerate, and succeed with scalable global cloud services. In recent years, cloud-based technologies have contributed to securing and maintaining the high-tech level for data centers. With the growing demand for cloud-based storage facilities, data centers spend billions on building global infrastructure and maximizing the growth rate. Equinix is one of the rapidly growing data center companies to create an online marketplace. It connects, powers, and protects the digital economy across different industry segments, which involves networking, digital media, loud and financial services. The cloud platform optimizes the company's portfolio of over 100 data centers, content distribution networks, edge computing nodes, millions of servers, fiber optic networks, and efficiently serves billions of customers around the world.

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AI and ML-based Data Centers

There is more than 83 percent of new companies in the global market, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Last year AI and ML-based companies have raised $9.3 billion. Datacenter company, Alation offers machine learning data catalog to help, find, and trust the organizational data. Data catalogs with usability and intuitive design have attracted more than 100 organizations for the adoption, and lead the company to raise a total of $82 M of the fund.

Autonomous data center platforms use machine learning techniques to analyze and correlate with the market parameter continuously. Advantages like real-time alerts and market predictions with lesser detection and resolution time, leverage the companies to raise enormous funding. Data Science Studio platform, offered by Dataiku aggregates the process steps to transform new data into data-driven applications. The offered workspace design enables intuitive, interactive, and capable of shortening the deploying cycle for data-driven application creation. Impact Analytics combines the power of AI and ML to find anomalies, patterns, and trends in legacy data and entirely new data set. The company holds a successful track record to provide customer analytics, margin improvement, marketing analytics, merchandising optimization, operational improvements, and robotic process automation. An AI and ML-based application offered by Innovaccer includes proprietary modeling algorithms, to normalize and link data across multiple disparate data sources. The company raises 54.1 million USD in the market, as it provides solutions for care management, referral management, and patient engagement for healthcare organizations.

Data centers provide a significant new source of revenue for the companies by collecting and storing possible data, to capitalize on future data-driven opportunities. Technological advantages of the data centers like storage systems, servers, and network devices are highly improvised than before, resulting in benefits such as business efficiency, reduction of interruption, service delivery enhancement, instant scalability, and overall data and applications security.

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