Technical Collaboration to Enable Transparent Digital Asset...

Technical Collaboration to Enable Transparent Digital Asset Management

By Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Monday, March 16, 2020

Strategic technical collaboration promises automation and transparency, leading to smarter digital management.

FREMONT, CA: An industry-leading platform for crypto asset management, accounting, and cost basis Blox has collaborated with IDEX to introduce automation and transparency for smarter asset management. In the crypto universe, data is the key element to unlock success, but as its volume expands, processing speeds are mitigated, and most of the data remain raw and unusable. IDEX introduces its users to Blox's advanced crypto asset management platform and smart data technology. Blox is allowing users with unprecedented management and control of their cryptocurrency assets via its user-friendly and enterprise-grade platform. 

The collaboration will meet the growing need among crypto investors and businesses for greater access to and control over management and accounting of their crypto assets. Blox R&D has produced a technology that taps into the IDEX smart contract while converting raw data into readable data. The Blox R&D team is working closely with the IDEX smart contract to make user data convenient and provide a consumer-facing platform to track and maintain their crypto assets or activity. Blox R&D team has designed a two-way input/output approach for expediting, understanding, and actionizing raw data.

IDEX is the best DEX on Ethereum, offering retail and institutional clients with a secure and real-time trading experience supported by transparent blockchain settlement. Through a hybrid design that maintains trade matching and balance updates off-chain, the company eradicates mining delays and facilitates continuous trading, zero-fee cancellations, and multiple simultaneous orders. Blox offers multi-blockchain and exchanges integration API.

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