Technology enabling Forex's global reign

Technology enabling Forex's global reign

Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Monday, July 09, 2018

Technology has given the world of foreign exchange business (Forex) a nice little revamp. Common people have gained interest and are aspiring to delve into the forex business that was previously limited to the world of financial giants, MNCs, and banks. Anyone interested in channeling their savings into business can now do so with ease on online trading platforms. Traders no longer have to pinch their noses regarding losses in trading and market changes because there is complete transparency and efficiency on forex trading platforms.

Forex is the largest, most liquid financial market in the world, where currencies worth over $5.3 trillion are exchanged daily. An even more fascinating fact about this market is that there is no brick and mortar business for Forex trading. Traders carry out transactions electronically over-the-counter. The Forex market stands unique in regards to stock exchange as it works round the clock with currencies traded across all time zones, five days a week.

Even though forex trading lures traders with overwhelming profits, the business is understandably very delicate with its volatile exchange rates. But, traders have been able to reduce costs on forex trading platforms with the development of advanced trading software. They have also been able to understand global currency markets better on international payment platforms with the help of modern technology.

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Trading in the past used to render traders almost penniless and cost traders a huge amount of money as a result of inefficient dealings. Now that technology advancements have gained significance in the trading industry, more companies are developing new software for online trading platforms. This kind of software would constantly update the traders with market fluctuations since all trading information appears online. Thus, traders can monitor changes in the forex market and place or withdraw deals with minimum possible loss.  

One of the more recent advancements involves algorithm and software based on trading, which can give trading advice accordingly by analyzing trading operations. They also have the programming to execute live trading online which would effectively speed up the trading business. Order execution on trading platforms is faster and more efficient because online software functions faster than a human being. This saves the trader a lot of time and makes them less likely to lose money on trading. So technological advancements have helped make transactions faster, reduce trading costs and improve transparency.

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