The IoT Security Center and Content Security: Revamping the Notion...

The IoT Security Center and Content Security: Revamping the Notion of Cybersecurity

By Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Wednesday, February 27, 2019

The growing dependency on technology has enabled the enterprises to achieve higher revenue, but at the same time, has made certain areas vulnerable. The advanced and complex cyber attacks have begotten certain threats like the theft of financial data, health records, personally identifiable information (PII), and intellectual property.

The advent of blockchain has a stormy impact on the business world because blockchain data is hard to modify. According to a report by Statista, the investment in blockchain solutions will be $2.3 billion by 2021. But, under advanced cyber attacks, the security of blockchain can become vulnerable.

Kudelski Security, a provider of innovative cybersecurity solutions, has introduced Blockchain Security Center to address the growing problems related to blockchain-based solutions and is aimed at forming a suite of cryptographic solutions, developer tools and recommendations for blockchain security to provide enterprises and investors with an advanced weapon to combat security issues.

With more than 300 employees Kudelski Security is a leader in the field of the cybersecurity solutions. Its IoT Security Suite focuses on new business models and is divided into three main areas, such as excellence delivering security assessment services, security platform targeted at the creation of trust between devices and backend applications, and IoT managed security services.

The IoT Security Center of Excellence helps the clients to enhance security and gets amalgamated with the architecture of their IoT products to provide security recommendations, in-depth security evaluations, deobfuscation, assessment of wireless protocols, and digital forensic investigation.

White noise is an essential solution for large corporate and public institutions to fix security issues related to the use of mobile in the workplace. This end-to-end and multi-platform solution helps to build trust and privacy in modern communications which depend on heterogeneous networks and also ensures cross-platform availability and full control of the security chain.

Kudelski has launched security products which easily get integrated to existing video management systems to secure the whole network and leverage technologies of Ionic, 42Crunch, and SmarDTV. The company delivers content security through forensic watermarking, secure content streaming, real-time policy enforcement, and end-to-end content protection using DRM. Besides this, Kudelski is a significant provider of lifecycle security through authentication, confidentiality, access control, and data security, and has recently announced a SaaS-based solution to help the CISOs to develop and execute cybersecurity strategy to address the changing aspects of digital transformation.

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