The World of Finance: Digital Payments and Blockchain

The World of Finance: Digital Payments and Blockchain

Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Friday, February 15, 2019

Just a few years before, the blockchain technology hadn’t found its proper adoption across any industry as compared to other technologies, but today, starting from start-ups to big tech giants like Google and Microsoft, everyone is finding newer ways to leverage blockchain and reap the benefits. 

In the financial services industry, blockchain provides guaranteed peer-to-peer payment services without intervention form brokers or third parties, and thus, the transaction fees would be reduced. Blockchain also helps verified contributors to store, view, and share digital information in a safe environment that provides trust, transparency, and accountability in business relationships.

Blockchain plays an important role in initiating the microtransactions and helps reduce complexities in transaction overhead. With blockchain in place, consumers can stay informed about transaction history and thus avoid chances of overcharges by merchants. Even the merchants have the benefit of blockchain as it helps to keep track of all transaction details and save commissions of mediators.

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Blockchain also allows shoppers to do international transactions and save extra fees that a bank would levy on international transactions. Shoppers can make purchases anytime and anywhere without anyone in the middle of their transactions. And small merchants can easily proliferate their international businesses with the help of blockchain.  An innovative digital payment solution for blockchain can offer traders an alternative way to accept payments without the hefty fees charged to their customers by banks and payment processing companies for transactions and charges.

As the data is not held over any central library, blockchain guarantees a secure and rapid transaction path for consumers. A payment gateway based on blockchain would allow payments to be sent worldwide within a fraction of a few seconds. This is much shorter than traditional banking channels that can take up to few days to route payments. Transactions can be monitored throughout the blockchain network using machine learning to identify and flag fraudulent behavior that would be beneficial for trades and small businesses.

Ultimately, businesses need convenient, fast, and secure payment systems to streamline processes, and blockchain technology can make it all a reality so that they can access blockchain technology to shape their businesses with the help of payment service providers.

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