Top 3 Technologies Reshaping the Future of Capital Markets

Top 3 Technologies Reshaping the Future of Capital Markets

By Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Monday, July 29, 2019

With the technology modernizing at a rapid pace, reshaping the future of capital markets seems possibly more effective.

FREMONT, CA: In today’s rapidly changing business dynamics, awareness, and understanding of the likely impact of various disruptive technologies stand critical to the success of business leaders and financial advisers. The core of the economic market system is being modified. Earlier opaque over-the-counter markets were becoming more transparent. Progress in cutting-edge technologies is ushering in an era of dramatic development for capital markets. Few emerging technologies have potential implications on the capital market.

• Blockchain   

Blockchain is one of the most exciting technologies now. It is estimated to be the platform that is going to store 10 percent of global GDP in the future. This emerging technology offers a unique approach to data management and sharing and assures a robust solution to address multiple inefficiencies processes. It enables market participants to work real-time on shared standard datasets.

• Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The business is moving towards conversational commerce by using chatbots, AI(Artificial intelligence), and NLP at various functional levels. Natural Language and chatbots with advanced analytics are helping capital markets to lower their operating costs for broadening employees’ bandwidth for higher-level tasks.

• Robotic Process Automation  

RPA has picked up as a configurable platform recently and holds out a promise as a tool of opportunity for capital markets, too. It can be leveraged in various areas other than its conventional use in enabling workplace virtualization by standardizing volume-driven iterative tasks. RPA not only assists in reducing transaction time but also offers accuracy enhancement and effort reduction in reconciliations, transaction reporting, and settlements.

Perceiving precedent disruptive technologies capital markets encourages consumers to achieve underlying business objectives through in-depth industry expertise and a 360-degree view. Riding on the strength of healthy partnerships around these technologies with important client relations helps the in-house team to create innovative capabilities and implement various proofs of concepts for capital market firms.

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