Unlatching Blockchain to Optimize Stock Exchanges for Entrepreneurs

Unlatching Blockchain to Optimize Stock Exchanges for Entrepreneurs

By Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Monday, August 05, 2019

Blockchain is emerging as an innovation tailored for entrepreneurs who are seeking to develop capital and investors who are looking for opportunity.

FREMONT, CA: Technology is advancing at an exceptional rate across every sector. Although the growth is unprecedented, geographical and economic boundaries remain firmly fortified in the global financial landscape. A report showed that none of the countries with the highest GDP growth between 2008 and 2017 have stock exchanges.

Economic segregation and variation is still a significant barrier despite the growth in tech hubs across the developing countries. Blockchain is the borderless force that is the only solution to this problem. The advanced technology reshapes the international investments by creating a secure, accessible, and decentralized means of doing business. Blockchain-based exchanges will help in annihilating economic inequality and encourage a new era of financial inclusion for emerging countries.

There is a massive gap in the accessibility and availability of financial institutions. The demand for business augmentation from entrepreneurs in developing markets will expand each year as per the statistics. The biggest obstacle to business maturity within the region has been the lack of supportive financial services. The prevailing financial models are desirable and exclusive to high-income economies, which lead to developing markets to invest in non-formal methods. Equitable access to global networks transforms informal savings into real capital growth. Empowering developing markets in expanding nations is the core of all financial enterprises.

Change is the only constant needed to combat concerns of financial exclusion. The blockchain-based exchange provides a solution to this concern as it removes the middleman. By modernizing the conventional bank, borderless exchanges allow previously disbarred businesses from connecting with global investor networks. The most satisfying element of blockchain is its possibility to disrupt and decentralize the conventional financial market. Decentralized exchange harnesses the core values of borderless and accessible platforms. It offers expanding countries unprecedented power to procure wealth. Blockchain can promote development and capital growth in the rising markets. 

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