Vecna Robotics: Remodeling the Workforce

Vecna Robotics: Remodeling the Workforce

Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Thursday, March 21, 2019

Vecna Robotics delivers hybrid fulfillment, automated material handling, and workflow optimization solutions featuring their learning autonomy stack-operated self-driving vehicles. The company’s solutions provide value in the distribution, warehousing and manufacturing sectors for customers. The technology goes beyond traditional automation and focuses on maximizing the ability of humans and robots to increase productivity, create fulfilling jobs, and promote innovation. Vecna is transforming the face of self-driving vehicles with the introduction of their AI multi-agent orchestration engine,, coordinating people with robotics resources and harmonizing the interwoven performance.

In warehouses and distribution centers, Vecna Robotics recognizes a serious and ongoing problem: old material workflow designs are not evolving with changing demand, hampering productivity, and flexible robots are just part of the solution. To address this issue, Vecna prioritized workflows over robots by designing AI-driven software that allows people and robots to respond on demand to the current state of operation and shift the workflow accordingly, thus, giving birth to The company’s groundbreaking AI learns from the human and robotic resources in the process of continuous improvement, providing data-driven insights. With twenty years of industry experience and an inquisitive entrepreneurial spirit, Vecna Robotics is the only company to realize helps organizations navigate both daily challenges and unforeseen events by placing each individual and robot in the best position for maximum productivity. It understands a company’s operation and the various robots and humans’ inherent strengths. It analyzes the current process status and supervises task assignments based on accessibility, location, and resource ability, ensuring that each player in the team contributes optimally in real time. provides fleet and workflow-level data-driven insights, creating a cycle of continuous improvement over time. uses this data in real time to optimize workflows in distribution centers and other industrial settings dynamically. With the company’s current legacy automation, user interfaces, WMS, piece-picking robots, and MES systems, easily integrates information sharing across people, robots, and associated systems, ensuring transparency across an organization.

Introducing technology has shown an interesting time at Vecna Robotics. It is a system which clarifies material workflow, separating both robot and human alike. also redefines and unifies robotic and human workforces to maximize productivity and achieve a lasting competitive edge. This comes to show the dawn of a new era in orchestration and is the answer sought by distribution centers and warehouses.

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