CQG: Simplifying Trading
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Ryan Moroney, President

A leading financial software solutions company offering global market data, advanced technical analysis tools, and powerful trade routing to fixed income traders worldwide

Blocko: Anchoring Blockchain Success
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Won-Beom Kim, Founder

Blocko provides Blockchain services to various industries

Votiro: A Revolutionary Cybersecurity Approach
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Itay Glick, Co-founder & CEO

Products to protect from zero-day threats using a patented technology that sanitizes content files

Fortinet: Directing the Future of Cybersecurity
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Ken Xie, CEO

Offers truly integrated, high-performance security across the IT infrastructure

PortfolioScience: Powerful Portfolio Risk Analysis
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Ittai Korin, Founder & CEO

Specializes in risk management technology for financial institutions, investment services, financial advisors, and hedge funds

EBS BrokerTec: Anonymous Matching Platform and Engine
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Gil Mandelzis, CEO

A leading electronic trading platforms and solutions provider in foreign exchange and fixed income

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