Enterprise Architecture, Technology and their Relationship
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Michael King, VP, Enterprise Architecture, Lloyds Banking Group

When I was approached to write this article, I had multiple, somewhat conflicting reactions. The first prevailing reaction was excitement and gratitude for being granted the opportunity to write about something other than my internal design...

A Balancing Act: Technology Developments and Operational Efficiency
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Scott Morrison, Chief Product Officer, Ascensus College Savings

For the last several years, fintech companies have waged a crusade into the financial services space, which has traditionally been occupied by larger, more mature players. These nimble new entrants often scare the old guard firms due to their...

Is Your Firm Ready for Hyper-Contextual Trading?
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Andrew F Bach, Chief Architect for the Financial Services Team, Juniper Networks

Fast is good, but smart is better. As profits from high-frequency trading have eroded, capital market firms are shifting their focus to high-intelligence trading. Microseconds, milliseconds and nanoseconds will always matter, but a...

How IT Transformation is Enabling Nationwide's Digitization
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Michael Carrel, SVP-IT & CIO, Enterprise Applications, Nationwide

There is a digital revolution in progress and businesses everywhere are undergoing a transformation in response. Our business requires new capabilities from IT to serve our customers who deserve services delivered cohesively and swiftly....

Transforming the DNA of IT
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Frank LaQuinta, Head of Global Application Delivery, UBS

In 2014, UBS's Group Technology (GT) organization embarked on a wide ranging technology transformation. The key drivers and challenges came from balancing the demand for regulatory and strategic change, alongside cost optimization and risk...

TradeIX: Banking as a Platform focused on Trade Finance
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Robert Barnes, CEO

Provides Banking as a Platform focused on Trade Finance

InfoHedge: The Revolutionary Investment Hosting Division for Thrive
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Alexander Kouperman, Managing Partner

Provides a turnkey, enterprise-grade, fully managed private cloud, and security infrastructure on par with those of Tier 1 banks without the associated capital expenditures, design, and maintenance

Imagine Software: Comprehensive Financial Risk Management
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Dr. Lance Smith, CEO

Delivers real-time portfolio management, risk and regulatory solutions to financial firms worldwide.

EBS BrokerTec: Anonymous Matching Platform and Engine
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Gil Mandelzis, CEO

A leading electronic trading platforms and solutions provider in foreign exchange and fixed income

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