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Augmented Intelligence is Improving the Customer Experience
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Tom Lutz, Senior Vice President & Chief Procurement Officer, U.S. Bank

At U.S. Bank, customers and their experiences with us are central to everything we do. As we evolve with our customers, “One U.S. Bank” is the guiding principle that is transforming U.S. Bank for our employees and customers, and the...

Unstructured Data in Healthcare
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Hon S. Pak, MD MBA, Chief Medical Officer, 3M HIS

Nearly 80 percent of clinical information in electronic health records (EHRs) is “unstructured” and in a format that health information technology systems cannot use. As a result, unstructured information is either ignored or when...

Rethinking Healthcare Analytics
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Julius Bogdan, Director of Analytics and Data Innovation, SCL Health

The healthcare industry has become data rich through a digital transformation with the advent of the Electronic Health Record. We now have a tremendous volume of data flooding in, but managing and analyzing that data remains a challenge. A...

Five Ways How ITSM Automation Helps in Advancing Network Automation
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IT Service Management (ITSM) refers to a strategic approach to design, deliver, manage and improve the way a business make use of the Information Technology. It is a framework which increases productivity and performance, reduces costs and can be...

Data Analytics: New Edge for Success
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Colin Boyd, VP & CIO, Joy Global [NYSE:JOY]

Advantages of Cloud Computing for Data Analytics If we look back over the past two or three decades, the growth in digital data has been driven by the spread of transactional IT systems. Every function in an organization today is likely to be...

Artificial Intelligence Improves Cybersecurity in Data Centers
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Artificial Intelligence (AI), with its ability to handle large amount of data, is playing a major role in cybersecurity by controlling threats. AI can predict and accurately identify threats to prevent them. According to a research conducted by...

The Pace of Technological Progress
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David Talach, Payments Product Lead, Square

1. In the light of your experience as a senior leader in payments arena what are the technological trends and challenges you’ve witnessed happening in the space? I think it’s important to remember that technological advancements on...

The Rise of Fintech for Investment Management
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Giorgio Carlino, Chief Investment Officer, Multi Asset US, Allianz Global Investors

Evolution of Chief Investment Officer over the Years The Chief Investment Officer plays a significant role in ensuring the growth of an organization. My primary responsibility, as the Chief Investment Officer, is to implement portfolio...

How IT Transformation is Enabling Nationwide's Digitization
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Michael Carrel, SVP-IT & CIO, Enterprise Applications, Nationwide

There is a digital revolution in progress and businesses everywhere are undergoing a transformation in response. Our business requires new capabilities from IT to serve our customers who deserve services delivered cohesively and swiftly....

AI: The Next Monarch of Technology
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Chris Corrado, COO & CIO, London Stock Exchange Group

LSEG is a global capital markets infrastructure provider operating multiple markets across asset classes, clearing and settlement services, analytics and index calculation and distribution. As an organization, we continue to increase our worldwide...

Compete or Partner-Banks See Rise of FinTech Solutions
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Christopher Kennedy, VP-Quantitative Finance Manager, BankUnited [NYSE:BKU]

FinTech or simply financial technology, is moving at the speed of innovation. FinTech originally represented the shift of traditional brick-and-mortar banking to online and mobile platforms. Now, FinTech embodies a deluge of Silicon Valley...

Real-Time Intelligence for Capital Markets: Leveraging AI Technology to Detect Signals for Improved Market Insight
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Vikram Mahidhar, SVP, RAGE Frameworks

The effect that information has on security prices has been at the heart of financial economics research for decades. The general consensus is that superior returns can be achieved with superior information. “Timely processing of...

AI FX and Equity's New Version to Provide Cost Effective Artificial Intelligence Trading Signals
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FREMONT, CA: AI FX and Equity will unveil the second version of their cloud based Artificial Intelligence Trading Signals service mainly for retail traders on 26 November, 2015. The cloud also provides investment banks a means to reduce costs...

I Feel, Therefore I Am
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John Bates, CMO, Software AG

Although the quest for Artificial Intelligence (AI), equipping trading algorithms with human qualities such as self-learning, continues to fascinate, it will be the explosion of the Internet of Things that will soon re-energize trading in capital...

QuantCube Technology: Mastering the Art of Prediction
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Thanh-Long Huynh, CEO

A specialist in real-time predictive analytics based on massive unstructured data

PayStand: Transforming B2B Payments
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Jeremy Almond, Co-founder & CEO

Creating a smart billing and payment network for businesses by using blockchain and SaaS technologies

Cylance®: Future-Proofing Endpoint Security
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Stuart McClure, Founder, President & CEO

Provides a preventive cybersecurity solution that combines artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science to stop advanced threats and malware...

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