Blockchain Enabling Speedy Financial Transactions With High Security
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Blockchain has emerged to be the heartbeat of the financial industry. It, therefore, leads to a technological revolution that will alter the banking sector for good.   FERMONT, CA: The blockchain technology has shown the potential it...

Exploring the Advantages of Big Data in Banking Services
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Banking and financial services firms are building a strong foundation in using data by integrating it to their operations for maximum output.  FREMONT, CA: In this digital world, data has become exceptionally essential, and financial...

Pushing the Boundaries of Capital Markets with Artificial Intelligence
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With AI, the capital markets industry is building a foundation for it to thrive — now and in the future! FREMONT, CA: AI can democratize access to capital markets across the world economy by unlocking security and performance, as per the...

Data-Driven Banking: Key to Transaction Intelligence and Customer Satisfaction
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Data, if intelligently leveraged, can do a world of good to banking firms, from making services better to improving customer satisfaction. FREMONT, CA: In an organization like a bank, data carries a lot of importance. With raging...

Myth or Fact - Do Millennials "Really" lead Digital Banking?
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Chris Barlow, VP, Mobile Banking, Webster Bank

Millennials, the so-called digital native group who’ve never known a world without the internet, mobile phones and social media are said to lead all the relevant trends and drive innovation at companies who must change how they do business...

Recreating the Financial World with Blockchain
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Blockchain, with its new contributions to the finance sector, is all set to optimize banking.   FREMONT, CA: As blockchain is one of today's most revolutionary techniques, it is simple to comprehend why most companies aspire to...

Fintech Shaping the Future of Finance Industry
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Fintech is shaping the financial services to present a more unified and comprehensive virtual banking experience. FREMONT, CA: Fintech disruptors are changing how banks and financial institutions work. The world has become...

Charity to Begin at Home with Online Fundraising
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 ,The internet makes charity auctions and fundraising procedures extremely easy to create as well as manage, because of the high flexibility it comes with. FREMONT, CA: In a broad sense, online charity auctions can be regarded as...

Accounts Payable AI: A New Competitive Edge
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FREMONT, CA: AI has been becoming increasingly more interesting in the accounts payable (AP) realm. It has been altering the prospects of AP with some outstanding results like improved efficiency, smooth account processing, and additional data...

Deducing Intelligent Banking-Enabled ROI Strategies
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FREMONT, CA: Most financial institutions have rolled into technologies over the past couple of years to optimize workflows. Not only does AI enhance the customer experience in financial institutions, but it also helps automate processes, increase...

How AI Insights Benefit Wealth management
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) can increase speed to market, firm’s profitability, improve service offerings and wealth advisor-client relationships and lastly business outcomes. Since AI can provide recommendations to advisors and directly to...

Implementation of Artificial Intelligence in the Financial Sector
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Artificial intelligence (AI) is a widely used technology in multiple sectors. It also has various uses in the financial space such as fraud detection, risk-reward analysis, and advisory services. This transformative technology can also be used in...

Designing Successful Digital Transformation Strategy with AI and Analytics
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Digital transformation is about leveraging technologies to improve processes, competencies, business models, and changing the culture of the company as it requires letting go of old procedures that might be ingrained in the company culture. Many...

Augmented Intelligence is Improving the Customer Experience
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Tom Lutz, Senior Vice President & Chief Procurement Officer, U.S. Bank

At U.S. Bank, customers and their experiences with us are central to everything we do. As we evolve with our customers, “One U.S. Bank” is the guiding principle that is transforming U.S. Bank for our employees and customers, and the...

Facing The Drift T-Climb Security & Fraud's Everest
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Thierry Derungs, Chief Digital Officer, BNP Paribas Wealth Management

I remember… my first computer. In 1986, with my girlfriend (now my wife), we bought an incredibly expensive top personal computer with an extraordinary hard drive of 20Mb and the best modem to connect to Internet at… 14,4kbit/s....

Insurance Industry to Leverage Blockchain Technology
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Banking and Insurance industry are the two which have embraced the blockchain technology open heartily but have not been able to optimize the tech to overcome the existing challenges. Insurance industry understands the need to evolve to...

Five Ways Big Data and Artificial Intelligence are Transforming Businesses
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Businesses revolve around data and technologies like Big Data, and artificial intelligence (AI) are disrupting the technology industry. Seventy percent of enterprises are predicted to adopt artificial intelligence by the end of 2018. The figures...

The innovation merchants of the XXI century
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Victor Guixer Martin, Managing Partner, Guixer and Partners

Today, we see most board of directors and C-levels around the corporate world embracing change into new digital paradigms with mixed enthusiasm and fear. From the most technology-driven corporates, to the less digital-savvy ones, innovation and...

Evolving Efficiency of KYC Process
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Brad Mitchell, CIO, CTBC Bank Corp. (USA)

Regulations like the Anti Money Laundering/ Bank Secrecy Act (AML BSA) demand strong risk assessment and control of activities typically associated with money laundering. The CTBC Bank Corp. utilizes KYC processes to strongly comply with all...

Is it Possible to Outsource a Portion of Traditional Bank Activities to Customers?
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James Geeslin, Vice Chairman and Chief Consumer Banking Officer, Extraco Banks

Due to the continued whirlwind of changes in the banking industry and shrinking margins, community banks across the nation are focusing more diligently on streamlining operations and enhancing efficiencies. Customer demands and communication touch...

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