Path for Successful Leadership
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Mark Hamade, Partner, Vivaris Ltd.

Regarding the general trends of enterprise security, going forward I see security as a must as it is the single most critical element in everything we do. We saw a huge movement into the cloud and security has to be prioritized to secure all...

Making the Most of Exponential Technologies in Financial Reporting
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Tadd Morganti, MD, Finance & Enterprise Performance, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Just five years ago, technology’s role in the finance department was static: It supported more technical work rather than enabling it, thus promoting self-service for users, and adding limited efficiency to decades-old processes....

Shaping Sensible Strategies for Financial Management
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Dhiraj Cherian, CFO, Panasonic Automotive

During the last decade, we have undergone a whirlwind of finance transformation through technology. The revisions in general accounting rules and an explosion of industry reporting obligations, and enhanced analytics needed to support our growth...

Data as a Business Resource
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Jamie Adams, CIO, Mspark

As Rockefeller’s main source of wealth was oil, the 21st century magnates are focused on a completely different type of resource–data. In 2006, oil and energy companies dominated the list of top six most valuable firms in the world,...

"Future of Blockchain Conference" to Bring Major 4-Day Technology Event to Dallas - Frisco
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FRISCO –The Future of Blockchain Conference Dallas-Frisco 2018 (October 10-14) is one of the first major blockchain events in the metroplex to bring national and international speakers and educational resources together for businesses,...

Optimizing Your Investments in Technology by Avoiding the Distractions
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Greg Driscoll, SVP, Service Operations & CIO, The Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company

As the chief information officer of a national life insurance company, I receive calls every day from an array of technology vendors pitching their own version of “next generation, cutting edge” capabilities coming to “enhance...

Optimized Network to Onboard Trading Partners
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John Blyzinskyj, CEO, Elemica

WAYNE, PA:  Elemica, a provider of supply chain operating network for process industries, offers its patented ‘come as you are’ technology, to seamlessly communicate across the network and execute an effective strategy for...

Capital Markets CIO: Lifeblood Provider, not Bridge Builder
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Jeff Roberts, CIO, HFF

Many people compare the role of Chief Information Officer (CIO) to that of a bridge builder–connecting the separate worlds of technology and business. Analogies can be useful in giving us a mental model to overlay onto a complex concept, in...

Digital Transformation in Capital Markets
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Christina Churchill, Principal, RSM US LLP

In today’s society, users expect immediate access to their accounts and services when and where it is convenient to them. However, it is difficult for organizations to prioritize their resources to support safe and efficient digital...

2017 and Beyond: How Asset Management is Preparing for the Digital Future
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David K Donovan, SVP, Sapient Global Markets

The asset management Industry is grappling with a number of issues. A combination of the current low interest environment, alongside the digital tsunami, shifting demographics, new well-funded fintech players and the rise of robo-advisors, and...

Remodeling the Financial Services Industry with IT Transformation
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Todd Larson, CIO, Sentinel Benefits & Financial Group

Over the past few decades, the financial services industry as a whole has been witnessing a proliferation of pooled investment products. That revolution is transforming the manner in which people invest, firms distribute, and operate. It also...

OCBC Bank to Make the Banking Process Much Easier and Simpler
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Fremont, CA: The Singapore based OCBC Bank has entered the fintech arena with its FinTech accelerator programme, The Open Vault. OCBC has recently announced to conduct three pilot tests that includes wealth management and artificial intelligence...

Technology Is Important, but So is Good Process like Table Top Exercises to Mitigate Risk
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Georgette Kiser, CIO, The Carlyle Group

Information Technology deals with infrastructure and application development technologies and solutions to help companies that operate in the capital markets. But what about good process to mitigate risk across the capital markets? This too, can...

KillswitchPlus Lends A Helping Hand To Capital Markets
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CHICAGO, IL: The Edge Financial Technologies are on their way to reduce the technical glitches and algorithmic errors in capital market. As a preliminary step, the company announces the launch of their first Smart and Holistic Kill Switch called...

Beyond Alignment - Partnership is the Path to Delivering Business Value
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Scott Strickland, CIO, DMH Global

Analysts, experts, and observers often encourage CIOs to be aligned with the business. I disagree. Alignment is just the first step to a partnership relationship that allows real change. Let’s look at what it means to be aligned versus what...

Abel/Noser Unfolds New Components For Trade-Zoom
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Capital Market CIO Outlook

New York: Abel/Noser Corp, an independent agency providing comprehensive solutions and analytics to pre trade, execution, post-trade cycle including TCA (Transaction Cost Analysis), has disclosed new features of its post-trade TCA product,...

Markit's Acquisition To Expand Its Franchise In Enterprise Software
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Capital Market CIO Outlook

London: Markit, the financial information Services Company had acquired thinkFolio which provides portfolio management software, reported Automated Trader, an industry website based in London. Founded in 2001, thinkFolio offers software for...

FolioDynamix Grows Team Emphasizing Client Relationship Focus
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Capital Market CIO Outlook

NEW YORK: FolioDynamix, a provider of web-based technology, content and services for managing the full investment and wealth advisory lifecycle, has announced to add three wealth management industry veterans to its business development and client...

Capital Markets Firms Looking for Low Friction Solutions
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Vic Winkler, CTO, Covata

In capital markets, information is as much a currency as money is. Yet this fact is not reflected in how we protect sensitive data or IT-enabled conversations. Why is this? In the capital markets, the most obvious factor is that the profit...

Sparta Systems Launches Stratas for Companies to Help Improve Margins
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Capital Market CIO Outlook

HAMILTON, N.J: Sparta Systems, a provider of enterprise quality management solutions has announced the release of Stratas, a new cloud solution that extends the Company’s flagship quality management software, TrackWise, beyond a...

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