The Future of Payments
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Seth Goodman, Director, North America Product Head, Citi Commercial Cards, Citi

As a digitally connected CFO, you likely wake up and check your phone first thing for emails. You may ask your smart home device for the weather forecast or to order you a car to get to work. In the car you can pre-pay for your coffee or pay...

Data-driven Education Management
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Laura Hazlett, Chief Financial & Administrative Officer, California College of the Arts

The recent increased ability to use data and analytics for decision-making has created remarkable opportunities for organizations to address issues quickly and effectively. Institutions of higher education, in particular, are now seeing the...

Hospital Finance: Serving Patients as Consumers Improves the Bottom Line
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Ned Borgstrom, Jr., Former CFO, El Camino Hospital

A recent industry conference called Healthcare Consumerism Symposium highlights the rapid change that is happening within the healthcare industry. Increasingly, hospital leaders are acknowledging the importance of the patient experience and their...

Making the Most of Exponential Technologies in Financial Reporting
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Tadd Morganti, MD, Finance & Enterprise Performance, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Just five years ago, technology’s role in the finance department was static: It supported more technical work rather than enabling it, thus promoting self-service for users, and adding limited efficiency to decades-old processes....

Leading The way to Advanced Accounting
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Jennifer Templeman, COO/CFO, Jumpstart for Young Children, Inc

I believe in the power of creativity, in innovative thinking, and of play as a conduit to bring forth new ideas. And yes, and I’m a CFO who leads a team of finance professionals who focus on compliance, adherence to regulations, and...

Shaping Sensible Strategies for Financial Management
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Dhiraj Cherian, CFO, Panasonic Automotive

During the last decade, we have undergone a whirlwind of finance transformation through technology. The revisions in general accounting rules and an explosion of industry reporting obligations, and enhanced analytics needed to support our growth...

The Evolving Role of Financial Planning-and How IT Can Help
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Ken Levey, Vice President of Financial Institutions, Kaufman Hall

In recent years, finance teams in banks and credit unions have become instrumental in driving their institutions’ financial planning and profitability analysis. As their responsibilities continue to expand beyond reporting, they require more...

The 2017 Treasury and IT Project List
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Ashish Advani, Former Director of Global Treasury and International Tax, SWM International, Corporate Treasury Adviser & Private Consultant

The new year is upon us and as the festivities die down, my mind wanders to the critical projects that need to be undertaken within Treasury for 2017 which require assistance from the IT department. The adage–Cash is King, rang true...

Revolutionizing the Accounting Industry through Cloud Computing
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Dr Chandra Bhansali, CEO, AccountantsWorld

The desktop computing era gave us Do-It-Yourself (DIY) accounting systems created for small business owners. Accountants have become accustomed to working with their clients’ DIY accounting software solutions, despite their inherent risks...

Financial Engineering in a Hyper-Growth Environment
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Brian Patterson, CFO, USS

Working for a company that is growing furiously is both fun and challenging. The fun comes from seeing the results of your hard work before the ink on your plans has dried. The challenge is–well, you’d better get things right on the...

Clear Outlooks from the Cloud Giving CFOs Assured Enterprise Visibility
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Mario Spanicciati, Chief Strategy Officer, BlackLine

Today’s Chief Financial Officer has one of the most challenging job in business, entrusted with managing the financial risks of global and increasingly complex enterprises. If the financial statement is incorrect, the CFO’s job is on...

Moulding Complete Business Solution through Netsuite Software
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Steve Hankins, EVP & CFO / CIO, Globe Express Services

With 80 offices, 56 different general ledgers, 56 customer master files, 56 vendor master files, 30 legal entities spread over 20 different countries with multiple languages doing business in more than 20 currencies, you have a challenge as a...

How do Data and Analytics-Savvy CFOs Stay Ahead of the Game?
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John Rodgers, CIO, Senior Managing Director Financial Services and Retail

Digital disruption and the evolving business landscape have significantly changed the C-Suite’s directive. While all executives must understand how to embrace this new landscape, few play a role as critical as the CFO. In addition to...

Beyond the Numbers: The CFO as a Cultural Change Agent
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Jeffrey Melnick, CFO, EisnerAmper

The idea of the traditional role of a CFO as purely a number-cruncher is as antiquated as pay phones and carbon paper. In fact, there should be little that is outside the lane of today’s CFO. A large part of this expansive view entails the...

Remodeling the Financial Services Industry with IT Transformation
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Todd Larson, CIO, Sentinel Benefits & Financial Group

Over the past few decades, the financial services industry as a whole has been witnessing a proliferation of pooled investment products. That revolution is transforming the manner in which people invest, firms distribute, and operate. It also...

Technology Is Important, but So is Good Process like Table Top Exercises to Mitigate Risk
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Georgette Kiser, CIO, The Carlyle Group

Information Technology deals with infrastructure and application development technologies and solutions to help companies that operate in the capital markets. But what about good process to mitigate risk across the capital markets? This too, can...

Beyond Alignment - Partnership is the Path to Delivering Business Value
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Scott Strickland, CIO, DMH Global

Analysts, experts, and observers often encourage CIOs to be aligned with the business. I disagree. Alignment is just the first step to a partnership relationship that allows real change. Let’s look at what it means to be aligned versus what...

Borrowing Base: The Daily Benchmark
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Peter Stone, CFO, The ADS Group

I started my professional career as a staff accountant for a large regional public accounting firm. As time passed, my knowledge expanded and my responsibilities changed with promotions to senior accountant and audit manager. Having worked in...

Leading Tech Trends in the Capital Market Industry
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Rouven Bergmann, CFO, SAP North America

The New Era of Cloud Computing The cloud’s limitless opportunity has truly begun a new era of business operation across industries, including the capital markets sector. Its flexibility and ease-of-use allows for technology decisions to...

Private Wealth Systems: Solving the Structural Data Challenges
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Craig Pearson, CFA & CEO

Delivering financial intelligence for complex global portfolios by capturing, correcting, calculating, and presenting more data, faster, more accurately at a lower total cost

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