Scope of Blockchain in Social Media Interaction
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Human interaction has travelled a long path from letters to social media; another milestone in this journey could possibly be the blockchain technology. Blockchain is a distributed ledger that stores data with cryptographic security and is...

Tax Technology Today and Tomorrow
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JD Choi, CEO, Tax Technologies, Inc.

Corporate Income Tax Software Market Opportunity Analysis The corporate income tax software market went through transitional phases similar to many other software market segments – fragmented development and, eventually, market...

The Evolving Role of Content Providers in the Property Ecosystem
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Mikhail Palatnik, VP Product Management, CoreLogic

Companies in the property ecosystem— lenders, insurers, property management companies and others—use data and information from content providers to drive improved consumer experience through automated workflows, streamlined...

Votiro: A Revolutionary Cybersecurity Approach
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Itay Glick, Co-founder & CEO

Products to protect from zero-day threats using a patented technology that sanitizes content files

Dynamo Software: Maximizing Performance Insights
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Krassen Draganov, CEO & Co-Founder

Provider of configurable, Cloud-based CRM, investment management, and reporting solutions to consolidate alternative asset investment firms’ and their investors’ complete operational lifecycle

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