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Facing The Drift T-Climb Security & Fraud's Everest
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Thierry Derungs, Chief Digital Officer, BNP Paribas Wealth Management

I remember… my first computer. In 1986, with my girlfriend (now my wife), we bought an incredibly expensive top personal computer with an extraordinary hard drive of 20Mb and the best modem to connect to Internet at… 14,4kbit/s....

Nexus of New Forces - Big Data, Cloud, Mobile and Social
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Michael Hedges, VP and CIO, Medtronic

A strategic technology may be an existing technology that has matured and/or become suitable for a wider range of uses. It may also be an emerging technology that offers an opportunity for strategic business advantage for early adopters or with...

The innovation merchants of the XXI century
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Victor Guixer Martin, Managing Partner, Guixer and Partners

Today, we see most board of directors and C-levels around the corporate world embracing change into new digital paradigms with mixed enthusiasm and fear. From the most technology-driven corporates, to the less digital-savvy ones, innovation and...

A Prediction for Blockchain Transformation in Higher Education
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Michael Mathews, CIO, Oral Roberts University

The potential and predictions of blockchain are incredibly fun to watch due to its analogous of the Internet during the 1990s. In fact, in 1995, the inventor of the Ethernet protocol, Robert Metcalf stated “I predict the Internet will soon...

At the Center of any Successful Enterprise is Technology
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Rosa Akhtarkhavari, CIO, City of Orlando

Technology plays an increasingly critical role in supporting all aspects of an enterprise such as meeting strategic goals, optimizing operations, and delivering relevant and timely information to decision makers. Enterprise resource planning...

Zero Trust: A Pathbreaker in Cyber Security
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Zero trust model in cyber security is an innovative implementation of existing technologies to prevent cyber security threats. It takes into consideration that every access to data is a possible threat and provides access to data only after...

Major Cybersecurity Threats in 2018
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As hackers are constantly improving their techniques to break through cyber defences, cyber security holds paramount importance. Some significant threats for this year include:   • Data Breaches—Recent cyberattacks show how...

Threat Intelligence: The New Frontier
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Wes Spencer, CIO, FNB Bank Inc.

In 1941, at the height of World War II, Allied code breakers were desperate to stop the German advance. One of the keys to victory for the Allies was a secret project known as Ultra. The goal of Ultra was to break secret encrypted transmissions by...

Security and Integrity of the Data is Imperative for Growing Threat to Cyber Security
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Frances Hudson, Investment Director, Global Thematic Strategist, Standard Life Investments

Are the Capital Markets Young Enough to Embrace Disruptive Technology? The capital markets have evolved and adapted over centuries, so it is unlikely that disruptive technology will defeat them, even if adoption and progress is patchy. Some...

It Is about Having the Right Safety Mechanisms
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Patricia Titus, CIO, Markel Corporation

Companies need the flexibility to transform the way they do business in order to meet the market demands and security needs to transform its thinking. We know that technology hasn’t stopped evolving therefore adoption continues to grow at...

Why you Can't Afford to Ignore Security Basics
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Bill Podborny, CISO, Alliant Credit Union

Cyber security incidents have almost become a daily news event. Between the increase in incidents and the pressure from executive management and boards to protect organizations, it’s easy to get caught up in all the hype surrounding the...

Balancing Innovation with Interference
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Jason Sankey, CIO, Franklin County Clerk of Courts

With the constantly evolving nature of information technology, from emerging trends to innovative breakthroughs, many organizations are keen to invest time and resources in Research and Development (R&D). While this is a worthwhile goal, the...

The Cybersecurity Act of 2015 Give It A Chance
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Robert Ackerman Jr., Founder & Managing Director, Allegis Capital

Like much of the legislation coming out of Washington these days, The Cybersecurity Act of 2015 doesn’t get much respect. The fledgling, four-month-old act calls on businesses, government agencies and other organizations to share...

If it's Connected - it's Vulnerable: Everything is Connected!
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Terri Bettinger, CIO, Franklin County Data Center

All around us we see the pervasive integration of technology, business and culture. Corporations and consumers unapologetically demand instant “tech gratification”. The underlying digital fusion required to satisfy this mandate –...

The NEW Speed of IT: Are You Keeping Up?
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Pamela Diaz, SVP, Director of Global Operations & Interim CIO, Ariel Investments

Today’s technology landscape transformed the normal three to five year strategic plan to a more focused 12 to 18 month strategy. Enterprise solutions available today did not exist six months ago. The technology demands on our IT departments...

Embracing Technological Enhancement For Competitive Repositioning
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Capital Market CIO Outlook

FREMONT, CA: After 5 years of turbulent changes, capital markets are struggling to find a firm ground. 2013 was expected to complete the post-crisis re-regulation and reshaping of capital markets and although regularity clarity increased,...

Building a Community Defense Model to Protect Critical Assets
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William B. Nelson, President and CEO, FS-ISAC

Today’s cyber threats don’t stop at country borders. They don’t stop at corporate thresholds. And they can’t be stopped by just a single vendor solution. It takes constant vigilance. And it takes a community coming...

tmg-emedia: Mitigating Risks with Right Security Controls
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Chris Moschovitis, Chairman & CEO

A boutique, broad-spectrum technology consultancy firm that specializes in consulting, development, and technology management

FireEye [NASDAQ:FEYE]: Battling Today's Advanced Cyber Attacks
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David DeWalt, Chairman & CEO

Offers a purpose-built, virtual machine-based security platform that provides real-time threat protection to enterprises and governments

Dependable Global Solutions: Strategic Way of Averting Cyber Threats
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Joel Griffin, CSO

Security and Intelligence firm solving the most intricate security challenges for the world’s most data-intensive companies

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