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Pushing the Boundaries of Automation
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A research report by Capgemini’s Digital Transformation Institute states that the financial sector might add up to $512 billion to global revenue by 2020 through intelligent automation. At some point of view, the blockchain technology might...

Impact of Digitalization on Performance Management and Financial Reporting
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Anton Duvall, CFO of Siemens Building Technologies, Operations across the Americas

Digitalization is not new; the discourse concerning its benefits to business organizations, specifically from a performance perspective has been going on for years. It is believed that digital technology will reduce the amount of labor and...

The CIO's Role in Promoting Digital Transformation
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Thomas Knapp, CIO, Waterstone Mortgage Corporation

All companies in every industry are challenged to define what digital transformation means for their enterprise, and how they will respond and develop strategies for adoption. In the mortgage industry where I operate, it is all about the...

The Surge of Capital Markets
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Ted Ryrie, Managing Director, Sharp Decisions, Inc

In its simplest form, Capital Markets are any number and variety of financial intermediaries between buyers and sellers that allows capital requirements to be satisfied. The Capital Market is used by a variety of entities–companies,...

2017 and Beyond: How Asset Management is Preparing for the Digital Future
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David K Donovan, SVP, Sapient Global Markets

The asset management Industry is grappling with a number of issues. A combination of the current low interest environment, alongside the digital tsunami, shifting demographics, new well-funded fintech players and the rise of robo-advisors, and...

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