New Tech Innovations Transforming the Face of Asset Management
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FREMONT, CA: For many established assets and investment managers, juggling a constantly tightening compliance burden, fending off technological challenges and fulfilling client expectations is a high order. As profit margins shrink, asset managers...

Technologies Reshaping Asset Management
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Asset management has deep roots in the financial trading industry. With the ever-changing technology, the asset management firms are also bound to evolve. New age technologies especially artificial intelligence (AI), big data, and blockchain have...

The Know-how of Leveraging Blockchain for Asset Management
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The blockchain can today revolutionize the transfer of assets between business networks. The distributed stock of blockchain means that the movement of assets between parties is completely transparent. Also, all transactions relating to this asset...

5 Must Dos for a Successful Enterprise Asset Management Solution
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Bill Kloster, CIO, Short Elliott Hendrickson (SEH®) Inc.

Enterprise Asset Management is a critical capability for companies with a desire to effectively track assets and regulate maintenance records. Doing so provides opportunity to extend the life of assets as well as budget and plan for maintenance....

Crypto Asset Management: The Next Big Thing
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At a time when cryptocurrency is a buzzword, and everyone is capitalizing on it, there is a great need for the management of these crypto assets. With a market capitalization of nearly $400 million, it is paramount. Currently, cryptocurrency...