Traversing the Technology Evolution in Capital Markets
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Frances Hudson, Investment Director, Global Thematic Strategist, Standard Life Investments

Are the Capital Markets Young Enough to Embrace Disruptive Technology? The capital markets have evolved and adapted over centuries, so it is unlikely that disruptive technology will defeat them, even if adoption and progress is patchy. Some...

New Politics Present a New World for Fintech Innovation
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Ralph Achkar, Director of Strategic Alliances, Capital Markets, Colt Technology Services

The unexpected political developments we’ve seen happen in the world over the last year–namely, the election of Donald Trump as the next president of the United States and the Brexit vote to remove the United Kingdom from the European...

ixFintech: The Future of Options Trading
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Irene Wong, Founder & CEO

An Investech company that has developed a game-changing platform to transform the traditional financial market practices into different digital investment platforms

QuantCube Technology: Mastering the Art of Prediction
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Thanh-Long Huynh, CEO

A specialist in real-time predictive analytics based on massive unstructured data

Bankable: At The Heart of the Reconciliation Process
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Eric Mouilleron, Founder & CEO

Enables global banks and corporates to improve cash management and reconciliation with a virtual account solution applicable on top of any bank account

Leaf Global Fintech - Blockchain: A New Hope for Refugees
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Nat Robinson, Co-Founder & CEO

Provides safe asset transfer and storage to refugees around the world through blockchain technology

Admore Fintellix Solutions: Powerful Credit Portfolio Management
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Peter Cherpack, CEO

Provides next-generation technology solutions to create a premier Credit Portfolio Management (CPM) suite for the U.S. community bank market

Finos Initiatives To Allow Better Collaboration
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Bhupesh Vora, MD, Europe Head of CM Technology, RBC Capital Markets

2019 continues to be a challenging market environment for H1 across the street. Firms will be doubling down on the strategies and efforts that already began in 2018, and so far for the first half of the year, we certainly see that. Cost continues...