Data Driven Business Insights, Big or Small: We Like Them All
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Arnoud Campman, Regional CIO, FrieslandCampina Consumer Products Asia

Big data is a “top of minds” topic nowadays. CEOs across the world read magazines on planes and ask their IT leaders whether they should invest in big data. Should we adopt Hadoop? Apache Spark? Data Torrent? Any CIO grappling with...

Introduction to Big Data and Hadoop and Their Evident Future
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Data is the biggest asset that currently businesses across all verticals want to get hands on. Huge investments are being made to collect, store, and process this asset. The reason behind this stride is data analytics. Valuable insights obtained...

Rethinking Healthcare Analytics
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Julius Bogdan, Director of Analytics and Data Innovation, SCL Health

The healthcare industry has become data rich through a digital transformation with the advent of the Electronic Health Record. We now have a tremendous volume of data flooding in, but managing and analyzing that data remains a challenge. A...

Data Analytics: New Edge for Success
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Colin Boyd, VP & CIO, Joy Global [NYSE:JOY]

Advantages of Cloud Computing for Data Analytics If we look back over the past two or three decades, the growth in digital data has been driven by the spread of transactional IT systems. Every function in an organization today is likely to be...

New Alliances will Drive FinTech Innovation
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Sheri Rhodes, Chief Technology Officer, Western Union

Q. What are your top priorities for 2018 and how is technology transforming a legendary brand like Western Union? My top priorities might surprise people who don’t think of Western Union as a profoundly digital financial technology...

AI: The Next Monarch of Technology
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Chris Corrado, COO & CIO, London Stock Exchange Group

LSEG is a global capital markets infrastructure provider operating multiple markets across asset classes, clearing and settlement services, analytics and index calculation and distribution. As an organization, we continue to increase our worldwide...

The Future of Streaming Analytics in Financial Services
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Mark Palmer, SVP of Engineering and General Manager, TIBCO Software

Why? The proliferation of data in motion has led to a complete transformation of operating procedure in many industries, but especially in financial services. Streaming analytics technology has made it easier to understand the risk and opportunity...

Taking Portfolio Analytics to the Next Level
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Paul Algreen, CIO, SVP, Janus Capital Group

Great portfolio managers are commonly great storytellers. They have a finely tuned ability to use market observations, risk management expertise, personal insights, and intuition to construct a unique story or mental model that enables them to...

Adopting New Age Disruptive Technology to Reinvent Business Models and Drive Growth
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Vamsi Chemitiganti, Chief Architect, Red Hat

The dawn of 2014 finds Capital Markets at an interesting triangular crossroads. Firstly, explosive stock market growth has resulted in higher volumes as well as increased profitability in key market areas like trading, exchanges, wealth management...

Hadoop: A Capital Market Perspective
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Ken Barnes, SVP, Corporate Development, Options IT

Technologies relevant to the financial services community come and go with varying degrees of signal to noise, and of course more often than not skew towards the latter end of that spectrum. So a healthy degree of skepticism when approaching the...

Solace Systems: Next-Generation Messaging Middleware
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Shawn McAllister, CTO

Solace makes hardware and software message routers that efficiently move real-time information between...
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