Data-driven Education Management
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Laura Hazlett, Chief Financial & Administrative Officer, California College of the Arts

The recent increased ability to use data and analytics for decision-making has created remarkable opportunities for organizations to address issues quickly and effectively. Institutions of higher education, in particular, are now seeing the...

A Unique View across the Business Lines
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James Bates, VP, Finance Shared Services, The MENTOR Network

Working at The MENTOR Network as vice president of Finance Shared Services, I am responsible for running the finance functions that are housed in The MENTOR Network’s shared services center including the accounts receivable and accounts...

Threat Intelligence: The New Frontier
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Wes Spencer, CIO, FNB Bank Inc.

In 1941, at the height of World War II, Allied code breakers were desperate to stop the German advance. One of the keys to victory for the Allies was a secret project known as Ultra. The goal of Ultra was to break secret encrypted transmissions by...

The Rise of Fintech for Investment Management
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Giorgio Carlino, Chief Investment Officer, Multi Asset US, Allianz Global Investors

Evolution of Chief Investment Officer over the Years The Chief Investment Officer plays a significant role in ensuring the growth of an organization. My primary responsibility, as the Chief Investment Officer, is to implement portfolio...

Beyond the Numbers: The CFO as a Cultural Change Agent
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Jeffrey Melnick, CFO, EisnerAmper

The idea of the traditional role of a CFO as purely a number-cruncher is as antiquated as pay phones and carbon paper. In fact, there should be little that is outside the lane of today’s CFO. A large part of this expansive view entails the...

Technology and CRM Strategies for Stock Exchanges Market
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Chris Isaacson, EVP & Global CIO, BATS Global Markets

The benefits of cloud computing for the capital markets sector are the same as for other industries, largely the ubiquity of data availability at scale and minimal cost to all constituents. We use it for some internal and external functions...

Building a Community Defense Model to Protect Critical Assets
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William B. Nelson, President and CEO, FS-ISAC

Today’s cyber threats don’t stop at country borders. They don’t stop at corporate thresholds. And they can’t be stopped by just a single vendor solution. It takes constant vigilance. And it takes a community coming...

FireEye, Inc. [NASDAQ: FEYE]: A Gateway to Forecast Threat
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Kevin Mandia, CEO

Offers a single platform that blends innovative security technologies and nation-state grade threat intelligence

AlienVault: Unified Security Management
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Barmak Meftah, President & CEO

Offers unified security management, asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, intrusion detection, and behavioral monitoring

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