How is AI Impacting Venture Investments
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From new investments to due diligence and far beyond, investment companies are leveraging AI to gain assistance in creating better, quicker, more informed choices and decisions. FERMONT, CA: Data has become a new currency in today's...

4 Portfolio Management Practices for CIOs to Maximize ROI
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Portfolio management system combines the benefits of operations and strategic evaluation to achieve the organizational goals of minimum risk with maximum benefits.          FREMONT, CA: Better portfolio...

Reshaping Reconciliation with Smart Technology-backed Ideas
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With excellent capabilities that streamline financing, reconciliation platforms are becoming crucial for capital market firms. FREMONT, CA: In the age of digitalization, it becomes quintessential for capital market firms to have quick...

Blockchain: Architecting Capital Market Arena
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Capital markets are adopting blockchain technology to obtain smarter and more streamlined procedures to perform capital planning and risk management, which changes the way market participants purchase or sell equity and debt instruments....

Making The Right Investment
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Brad Peterson, EVP & CIO, Nasdaq

For us, our spending has continued to increase for information security over the past three years while our overall technology spending has remained flat. This area and the new data technologies have been the growth areas for us. In terms of...

Recreating the Financial World with Blockchain
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Blockchain, with its new contributions to the finance sector, is all set to optimize banking.   FREMONT, CA: As blockchain is one of today's most revolutionary techniques, it is simple to comprehend why most companies aspire to...

How the Cloud can Help Financial Services, CIOs Create Business Value Through
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Colin Timm, ANZ Country Manager, Google Cloud

In an increasingly demanding business environment, good CIOs manage operations and risks. Great CIOs do that and create new value for the business. A new generation of top financial services CIOs are turning to the cloud to propel their...

How to Trade News with Textual Analysis Methodologies? Here's the Key
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  With financial markets working at a breakneck rate, social media and crowd-sourcing techniques have become the chosen toolkit for savvy investors seeking company trends and acting on breaking news stories at the time. FREMONT, CA:...

Smart IT Inventory Ensures Cybersecurity, Learn How!
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While enterprises look for advanced cybersecurity solutions, technologists have come up with smart inventory management system, which is all set to cater to these real-time security needs.    FREMONT, CA: Cybersecurity has become the...

Automating Data Monetization with Blockchain and Big data
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FREMONT, CA: Data-driven business models have grown in the fourth industrial revolution. The organization, which use modern technology like Big Data and IoT, collect large volumes of data from each department. Every company has understood that...

How will Blockchain Impact Small Businesses?
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For small-scale businesses, there has always been distress with few challenges. Source capital and finding competent staff within the budget are the two most common challenges faced by every small-scale business. Visibility has become a headache...

Launch a Data Science Practice with These Five Questions
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Seth Dobrin, VP & Chief Data Officer, IBM Analytics

The value of data continues to grow in the enterprise. As a result, data specialists are becoming increasingly influential in and valuable to their organizations. The truth is in the numbers: data scientist salaries are expected to reach $163,500...

Blockchain CIO Perspective
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Mary Kotch, EVP & Global CIO

Just as the internet revolutionized how businesses communicate, Blockchain will revolutionize how businesses transfer data. Traditional insurance companies are ripe for disruption—they’ve held onto legacy technologies such as VSAM and...

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John PR Dwyer, Senior Research Analyst, Celent

Bitcoin Bitcoin is now approaching its tenth birthday and while the impact of blockchain technology remains relatively abstract for some, it has unleashed profound levels of innovation within both public and private blockchain...

5 Must Dos for a Successful Enterprise Asset Management Solution
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Bill Kloster, CIO, Short Elliott Hendrickson (SEH®) Inc.

Enterprise Asset Management is a critical capability for companies with a desire to effectively track assets and regulate maintenance records. Doing so provides opportunity to extend the life of assets as well as budget and plan for maintenance....

How Data is Changing Credit
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Michael Schlein, President & CEO, Accion

Around the world, two billion people lack access to formal financial services. There’s no single cause for this widespread and significant problem, nor is there a single way to address it. But there are new trends in data, analytics, and...

Data Analytics: New Edge for Success
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Colin Boyd, VP & CIO, Joy Global [NYSE:JOY]

Advantages of Cloud Computing for Data Analytics If we look back over the past two or three decades, the growth in digital data has been driven by the spread of transactional IT systems. Every function in an organization today is likely to be...

Are False Positive Alerts Unnecessarily Draining Your Resources?
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David Grinholz, Director-Capital Markets Practice Lead, Matrix-IFS

New Hope for CIOs and Their Resources From a compliance standpoint, the 2008 financial crisis spawned a proliferation of third-party solutions and in-house developments offering various systems to automate the Market Surveillance process. At...

Improve Operational Efficiency with IT Asset Management
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Managing IT assets provides an organization the means to achieve complete visibility into their IT infrastructure inventory by allowing them to get maximum value from the use of the assets, right-size IT inventory, and optimizing inventory...

Using Asset Management For Your Company: Here's Why
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Managing assets such as data center hardware, software packages, and networking equipment is an integral part of every organization. Keeping track and maintaining the structure of all elements (processes, activities, and data) drive organizational...