AI to Pilot Employee Engagement
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It is imperative for organizations to value employee engagement as it is the key to a highly successful business.   FREMONT, CA: With the explosion digitization, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an imminent breakthrough disruption...

Top Big Data Trends that will Dominate 2019
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The amount of data generated from different domains also referred to as big data, encompasses data gathering, data analysis, and data implementation process. With the advancement in technology, big data analytics trends are transforming from a...

Are False Positive Alerts Unnecessarily Draining Your Resources?
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David Grinholz, Director-Capital Markets Practice Lead, Matrix-IFS

New Hope for CIOs and Their Resources From a compliance standpoint, the 2008 financial crisis spawned a proliferation of third-party solutions and in-house developments offering various systems to automate the Market Surveillance process. At...

The Growing Impact of AI in Financial Services
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Ajwad Hashim, Vice President, Innovation and Emerging Technology, Barclays [LSE: BARC]

It’s no secret that financial services are fast becoming a digital business. We call ourselves a technology company with a balance sheet and are heavily investing in the digital agenda. The need to be innovative, whilst being resilient and...