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Intelligent Automation is Not Autonomous: Six Best Practices for Capital Markets Business Leaders Who Want to Drive Change
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Kevin Kroen, Partner, Financial Services Intelligent Automation Leader, PwC

CIOs know that there is a big gap between what a lot of technology promises and what it delivers. Every day, news feeds bombard us with information about innovation, yet very few of the most transformative advancements directly affect most of us....

Five Ways How ITSM Automation Helps in Advancing Network Automation
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IT Service Management (ITSM) refers to a strategic approach to design, deliver, manage and improve the way a business make use of the Information Technology. It is a framework which increases productivity and performance, reduces costs and can be...

Looking into Compliance Risk Management
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Scott Essex, Executive Vice President, Chief Compliance & Ethics Officer, Citizens Financial Group

Advances in technology have been accelerating since people started writing about “advances in technology”. Pick whatever starting point is relevant to you, whether it is cave drawings or social media blogs, the story races forward with...

Impact of Emerging Technologies on the Asset Management Industry
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According to the results of Linedata’s 8th global asset management survey, robo-advisors are estimated to be the key game-changers in the next five years. While 37 percent of the respondents of Linedata’s survey considered regulation...

Intelligent Process Automation: The New Imperative for Business Services
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Robert H. Brown, AVP, Center for the future of Work, Cognizant

New digital technologies are transforming traditional process management, opening new doors for business and enabling employees to work smarter Advances in technology, automation, interconnectedness, user experience, process analytics and...

Digital Operations Transformation with Robotic Process Automation (RPA): Five Factors Every Enterprise Must Consider for Successful ROI
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Vinay Mummigatti, Enterprise Head of Robotic Process Automation and BPM - Technology, Solutions, and Architecture, Bank of America

Legacy operations landscape and the “last mile” challenge Most enterprises are spending a big part of their IT efforts in reducing operational costs and improving customer engagement. However, their efforts sometimes yield only...

Delivering Intelligent Automation With BPM
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Nathaniel Palmer, Director, Solution Architecture, Serco [LSE:SRP]

Today automation has become a priority for every industry, arguably as much as it once was for the manufacturing sector. Cost-cutters love it. Workers fear it. Yet, for most in the business process arena it has long been anathema—...

Gresham Technologies: At the Vanguard of the Reconciliation Revolution
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Ian Manocha, CEO

A leading software and services company that specializes in providing realtime data integrity and control solutions

CAD IT: A New Generation Tool for Reconciliations
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Paolo Dal Cortivo, CEO

Delivers reconciliation solutions that respond to client’s needs and adapt to the changing market environment

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