How is the Wealth Advisor's Role Evolving with Robotics on Field?
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Wealth management advisors can amalgamate their efforts with technological advantages in order to excel in the future.     FREMONT, CA: Wealth management advisors have been among the first few to adopt the technology....

Capital Markets Industry Going Digital! 6 Tech Practices Leading to CIO Success
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New trends are making inroads into the capital market firms, and CIOs are creating a win-win situation by smartly choosing the right set of technologies that support strategic decision-making to drive business excellence.    FREMONT,...

Transformations in Financial Technologies
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Jacob Sorensen, CIO, Bank of the West

Massive and rapid shifts in technology are affecting everything we do in our daily lives, from the way we move around within a city to how we buy groceries and communicate with each other. In the business community, finance is at the forefront...

Technologies Molding the Face of Capital Markets Industry
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Modern technologies are disrupting capital markets globally, creating a definitive impact on how the industry performs and operates. FREMONT, CA: Existing models and continued use of legacy technologies will not help capital firms sustain their...

Vecna Robotics: Remodeling the Workforce
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Vecna Robotics delivers hybrid fulfillment, automated material handling, and workflow optimization solutions featuring their learning autonomy stack-operated self-driving vehicles. The company’s solutions provide value in the distribution,...

Can RPA Modernize Capital Market Landscape?
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RPA capability gives financial institutions an opportunity to eliminate redundancy and streamline processes to move towards fruition. FREMONT, CA: Capital markets include various complex verticals that had conventionally been dependent on...
Top 10 Asset Management Solution Providers 2016