The Alternative Investment Space is Realizing the Efficiencies of Going Digital
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Georgette Kiser, CIO, The Carlyle Group

Across the past 20 years, the Capital Markets have harnessed digital transformations to drive efficiencies in traditional investment management such as retail banking, trading, and sales. Finally, the alternative asset industry is catching up,...

ETRM: An Outlook of its Applications
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Europe has seen continuous growth in energy and risk management (ETRM) and has begun to address the adoption of automation technologies. The 1990s gave birth to the Brady ETRM in connection with the Northern European markets - the time when firms...

Rethinking Healthcare Analytics
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Julius Bogdan, Director of Analytics and Data Innovation, SCL Health

The healthcare industry has become data rich through a digital transformation with the advent of the Electronic Health Record. We now have a tremendous volume of data flooding in, but managing and analyzing that data remains a challenge. A...

At the Center of any Successful Enterprise is Technology
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Rosa Akhtarkhavari, CIO, City of Orlando

Technology plays an increasingly critical role in supporting all aspects of an enterprise such as meeting strategic goals, optimizing operations, and delivering relevant and timely information to decision makers. Enterprise resource planning...

The Inevitable Proliferation of Information Technology
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Madhav Srinivasan, CFO, Hunton & Williams LLP

In the legal industry, the proliferation of Information Technology (IT) has become very evident in recent years. IT has now become an integral part of any law firm. For example, a finance function is highly dependent on IT to run the base ERP and...

Blockchain: Where Are We Headed?
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Joshua Q. Israel Satten, Director, Sapient Global Markets [NASDAQ:SAPE]

Blockchain technology is becoming more divergent. A technology that’s come into the public conscience per the creation of Bitcoin, which itself is still nascent, blockchain has seemingly become a household term through rampant...

The Surging Appetite for Cloud-Based Services
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David Easthope, SVP, Celent

How would you describe the role of a CIO today? Ever changing, wearing a lot of hats. A CIO must be a master of the present and a predictor of the future. Hence, my advice below is to get more adept of looking outside of their four walls for...

The Surging Appetite for Cloud-Based Services
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David Easthope, SVP, Celent

How would you describe the role of a CIO today? CIOs role has constantly been redefined as they wear many hats along the journey of an organization. It can be said that a CIO must be a master of the present and a predictor of the future. Hence,...

Capitalizing on Data Analytics Using Automation
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Ashish Bansal, Senior Director, Data Science, Capital One

Implementing Cloud Computing for Data Analytics Data analytics is composed of data and analytics on the data. Data is varied, generated by internal sources (like transactional applications, sensors etc) and/or sourced from external sources...

Alternative Assets-When Complexity, Not Capacity, is the Technology Challenge
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Ed Brandman, CIO, KKR & Co. L.P.

Getting bang for the buck with enterprise technology is challenging in any industry. The projects are large, expensive and by the time you’ve implemented the solution, expectations have often changed and as such, measuring success is...

TCW Enhances Revenue and Expense Management with Bonaire Solutions
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LAKE SUCCESS, NY: Investment Management Company TCW group selects revenue and expense management solution by a Broadridge financial solution company, Bonaire for automating and streamlining its institutional fee billing. Bonaire is a firm that is...

Era of the Smarter Advisor delivered with Cognitive Computing
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Roger Hu, Partner, Financial Markets & Wealth Management Leader, IBM Global Business Services

As investors recover from the recent financial crisis, the individualized need for wealth management has never been more acute. Gone are the days when pension plans or social security provided assurance for retirement. Today, the onus is on the...

SmartStream: Conquering The Close: Automated Reconciliation
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Haytham Kaddoura, CEO

A market-leading reconciliation software solution provider, SmartStream understands the transaction matching, exceptions and investigations needs of institutions regardless of size, processes, or lines of business...

Integra Solutions: The Reconciliation Specialist for the Mortgage Industry
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Christian T. van Dijk, President

Offers a software platform that delivers technology solutions for the financial services industry

Kaleido: The Enterprise Blockchain Easy Button
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Sophia Lopez, Founder & COO and Steve Cerveny, Founder & CEO

Kaleido is an all-in-one enterprise SaaS platform that radically simplifies creation and operation of secure private chains

PayStand: Transforming B2B Payments
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Jeremy Almond, Co-founder & CEO

Creating a smart billing and payment network for businesses by using blockchain and SaaS technologies

Real Asset Management: Integrating Asset Life Cycle Processes
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George Snelgrove, Chairman

Provider of innovative asset management and tracking solutions.

TradingScreen: Facilitating Aggregate Liquidity in e-Trading
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Pierre Schroeder, CEO

Connects buy side institutions and sell side firms while improving market access, reducing connectivity costs, automating workflows, and increasing trading efficiency.

BondIT: Algorithmic Renegade in Portfolio Management
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Adrian Gostick, Managing Director, Asia-Pacific

Delivers solutions for fixed income investment that include data-driven portfolio construction, optimization, re-balance, analysis, and monitoring capabilities

Admore Fintellix Solutions: Powerful Credit Portfolio Management
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Peter Cherpack, CEO

Provides next-generation technology solutions to create a premier Credit Portfolio Management (CPM) suite for the U.S. community bank market

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