Cognitive Automation and the Disruption of Business Services
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Cliff Justice, Partner, Innovation & Enterprise Solutions, KPMG

The advancing capabilities of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning and Cognitive Technology holds the promise of transforming Business Services and creating a new category of digital labor. But in order to avoid some of the potential...

Will the Blockchain be a Bigger Deal than the Internet?
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Jonathan Reichental, CIO, City of Palo Alto

I’ve seen a lot of new ideas. I mean a lot. I’ve been right a few times about what would succeed and been way off quite often. Sometimes my predictions were simply too early. Those that know me may recall that back in the middle...

Elysium Technology Group: New Age Cloud Platform for FX Trading Firms
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Andrew Siciliano, Chairman

Provides real-time business transformation solutions to the investment management and financial services industry

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