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Reinventing the Block: Strategic Intellectual Property Considerations for Blockchain Innovators
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Jon E. Wright, Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein & Fox, P.L.L.C.

In 2017, Bitcoin becomes a household name as it skyrocketed in price to almost $20,000 per coin. The volatile price has since fallen by 65 percent but, along the way, the headlines made “blockchain” virtually synonymous with...

Tax Technology Today and Tomorrow
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JD Choi, CEO, Tax Technologies, Inc.

Corporate Income Tax Software Market Opportunity Analysis The corporate income tax software market went through transitional phases similar to many other software market segments – fragmented development and, eventually, market...

Test Automation- Crucial for Enterprises
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In recent years, test automation has become quite popular in software development organizations. Test automation involves software tools to automate the execution of tests and record results and has become essential in tandem with DevOps and Agile...

Smart Steps towards Test Automation
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Greg Paskal, Director of Quality Assurance - Automation, Ramsey Solutions

Your technology leadership is talking about test automation again and why it needs to become part of your IT testing strategy. On the surface, test automation sounds good, maybe even too good. The tools, techniques and methodologies of test...

Fulfillment of Agile Methodologies with DevOps
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Ted Ryrie, MD, Sharp Decisions

The shared responsibility and cross-functionality which is highlighted in the DevOps environment grew out of the move to Agile methodologies and continuous integration development and delivery. The problem was Agile really only enhanced and...

Custom Development for Increased Sales
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Brent Bailey, CIO, GPS Capital Markets

There has been a widespread evolution in the financial industry since 2002, in regards to software and hardware. New companies were emerging all over the world without even considering the requirement of an online presence or need for specialized...

Alternative Assets-When Complexity, Not Capacity, is the Technology Challenge
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Ed Brandman, CIO, KKR & Co. L.P.

Getting bang for the buck with enterprise technology is challenging in any industry. The projects are large, expensive and by the time you’ve implemented the solution, expectations have often changed and as such, measuring success is...

CTO Job Qualifications: "No Longer Just Information Technology Disciplines"
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Curt Schumacher, VP & CTO, Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE)

In the financial world, the scope and impact of information technology evolves rapidly. The role of chief technology officer (CTO) at a U.S. financial exchange goes beyond the “traditional” IT realms of hardware, networking and...

Transforming the DNA of IT
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Frank LaQuinta, Head of Global Application Delivery, UBS

In 2014, UBS's Group Technology (GT) organization embarked on a wide ranging technology transformation. The key drivers and challenges came from balancing the demand for regulatory and strategic change, alongside cost optimization and risk...

Integra Solutions: The Reconciliation Specialist for the Mortgage Industry
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Christian T. van Dijk, President

Offers a software platform that delivers technology solutions for the financial services industry

ChartIQ: Visualizing Financial Data
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Dan Schleifer, CEO

Professional-grade charting and technical analysis solution that works seamlessly across web, desktop, tablet and smartphone applications

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