Top 3 Benefits Cloud Brings to Capital Markets
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With effective cloud-based finance solutions, finance professionals can overcome various operational challenges raised in real-time.        FREMONT, CA: As the adoption of cloud computing provides numerous...

Spotlighting the Latest Portfolio Management Trends in the Market
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A clear governance framework and futuristic features improve trading and provide investors with the opportunity to expand the scope and diversify the investment portfolio.   FREMONT, CA: The capital market is in a bull-run, tempting the...

Entrepreneurs to Outshine with Blockchain Technology
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The ecosystem of entrepreneurship is an ocean of opportunities, and with creative and innovative tech-driven ideas, entrepreneurs are ready to take the first step towards a successful startup. FREMONT, CA: The internet boom overtakes...

How will Blockchain Enable Safer Agriculture?
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The blockchain technology is rapidly becoming familiar and promises to solve many problems related to the lack of trust.  The potential of blockchain in agriculture may lead to an exciting shift facilitating transparency and trust in food...

Upgrading Your Digital Business
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James Eichmann, Chief Data Officer, Billtrust

When you build a new house from the ground up, you use new, energy efficient, cost-saving materials. However, if you are updating an older home, you have two choices. Either you can make some cosmetic improvements, such as new siding, paint, and...

The innovation merchants of the XXI century
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Victor Guixer Martin, Managing Partner, Guixer and Partners

Today, we see most board of directors and C-levels around the corporate world embracing change into new digital paradigms with mixed enthusiasm and fear. From the most technology-driven corporates, to the less digital-savvy ones, innovation and...

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Nin Desai, President and CEO, NIN Ventures

The United States Financial market is the largest and represents 7.3 percent(or $1.4 trillion) of U.S gross domestic product. In 2015, the United States exported $119.6 billion in financial services and insurance and had a $46.7 billion surplus in...
Top 10 Asset Management Solution Providers 2016