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Nin Desai, President and CEO, NIN Ventures

The United States Financial market is the largest and represents 7.3 percent(or $1.4 trillion) of U.S gross domestic product. In 2015, the United States exported $119.6 billion in financial services and insurance and had a $46.7 billion surplus in...

Will the Blockchain be a Bigger Deal than the Internet?
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Jonathan Reichental, CIO, City of Palo Alto

I’ve seen a lot of new ideas. I mean a lot. I’ve been right a few times about what would succeed and been way off quite often. Sometimes my predictions were simply too early. Those that know me may recall that back in the middle...

2017 and Beyond: How Asset Management is Preparing for the Digital Future
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David K Donovan, SVP, Sapient Global Markets

The asset management Industry is grappling with a number of issues. A combination of the current low interest environment, alongside the digital tsunami, shifting demographics, new well-funded fintech players and the rise of robo-advisors, and...

The Cybersecurity Act of 2015 Give It A Chance
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Robert Ackerman Jr., Founder & Managing Director, Allegis Capital

Like much of the legislation coming out of Washington these days, The Cybersecurity Act of 2015 doesn’t get much respect. The fledgling, four-month-old act calls on businesses, government agencies and other organizations to share...

I Feel, Therefore I Am
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John Bates, CMO, Software AG

Although the quest for Artificial Intelligence (AI), equipping trading algorithms with human qualities such as self-learning, continues to fascinate, it will be the explosion of the Internet of Things that will soon re-energize trading in capital...

Deltix: Untangling Data to Discover Alpha
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Ilya Gorelik, Founder & CEO

Provides software and services for quantitative research, algorithmic and automated systematic trading

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