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As alternative sources of financing for long-term investments, capital markets emerge as crucial instruments in the growth of an economy. Capital markets are vital to the functioning of an economy, since capital is a critical component for generating economic output. Capital Market CIO Outlook primarily focuses on capturing live insights of the ever so sensitive financial system for raising capital, dealing shares and investments. Detailed insights from the capital arena with all the necessary know how in the business can be the ultimate money window for the trading floor investors. To aid the CIOs stay progressive with the all the cashflow trends in the industry, we ensure to bring all information under one house. The magazine stand out with its learn-from peers approach provides professionals the most comprehensive collection of capital market trends.

With technologies such as the cloud and the mobile becoming precepts in almost every vertical, companies have extended them into the capital markets as well. Various features such as analytics, built into the applications for have helped investors in making decisions, besides simplifying transactions. Capital Markets CIO Outlook talks about how increasing consumer demands and several technology solutions are addressing the challenges in the arena. Every month the magazine takes a closer look at the trends of the markets from billing/statement solution, trading security solution, reconciliation utility all the way to risk management, enterprise data management and system integration. In every edition, experts will bring forth their opinion on the market condition and how the growing challenges can be resolved.

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