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January 17, 2019

Capital Markets CIO Outlook Weekly Brief

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Feature of the Week
Internal threats can come from employees writing down passwords and sticking them to their computer monitors this makes it very easy to obtain login details that could then be used to defraud or infect a company.
Blockchain technology has just gained popularity and has found its applications apart from cryptocurrency as well.
Algorithmic Trading: Algorithmic Trading is done with mathematical formulas run by computers. These mathematical models with human insights can make decisions to buy or sell financial securities on an exchange.
Featured Vendors
Magma Trading has developed a platform for market makers and order-entry broker-dealers to interact electronically and anonymously to buy and sell blocks of stocks.
Provides a mobile trading platform where users can swap items. It gives belongings a value and creates a market where that value can be leveraged.
Offers alternative investment management platform through a single financial model and workflow integrated sytem for real-time visibility.
CIO Viewpoint
Wes Spencer, CIO, FNB Bank Inc.
Cyber criminals have developed a highly efficient digital supply chain and dark web marketplace providing everything from malware development to post exploitation data exfiltration.
Michael Mathews, CIO, Oral Roberts University
The potential and predictions of blockchain are incredibly fun to watch due to its analogous of the Internet during the 1990s.
CXO Insights
By Tadd Morganti, MD, Finance & Enterprise Performance, Deloitte Consulting LLP
With digital technologies, that company can now fully automate those reports, which helps improve accuracy and efficiency while freeing employees to perform other tasks.
By John PR Dwyer, Senior Research Analyst, Celent
Bitcoin was the first peer-to-peer (P2P) movement of value with no central counterparty. It is censorship-resistant and provides cryptographically-secured digital scarcity.