Blockchain Modernizing the Fintech Industry

Blockchain Modernizing the Fintech Industry

Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Monday, July 22, 2019

The fintech industry is thrilled about blockchain's entry to revolutionize the industry operates.

FREMONT, CA: Fintech is a much-publicized buzzword in the financial services industry. Corporate giants to the infant startups are talking about it. Fintech is gaining attention for all the valid reasons: it is known as a game-changing, and disruptive innovation that holds the capability of shaking up the conventional financial markets. Cryptocurrency programs built using distributed ledgers is showing finance the importance of decision-making while looking at real-time economic data.  

Blockchain is another most exciting term in the financial world today. Blockchain Technology plays a vital role in financial innovations and is the backbone technology that is driving the Fintech revolution. Blockchain is maintaining a permanent and immutable record of transactional data in chronological order. It stores transactional data in a continuously growing list of files. Blockchain is the backbone technology that is revolutionizing the Fintech sector. The financial service industry is transitioning from the exploration phase to the application phase. It is essential for the financial institutions to understand the role of blockchain in the fintech if they want to take advantage of this economic revolution. The biggest difficulty a fintech company faces is trust. Making users feel trusted with a safe and secure financial product is vital. Banks and financial institutions have substantial cash reserves using which they formulate secure networks for banking transactions to take place. Fintech businesses are now looking for opportunities to developing or procuring a high-security system.

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Blockchain is highly cost-effective in phases of developing and also profoundly secure. It is a series of perpetual blocks which allows the companies to track the complete lifecycle of a financial transaction. Blockchain has allowed creating reliable and safe economic outcomes and bring innovation in the financial industry. Blockchain can disrupt various industries and make the processes more democratic, transparent, secure, and efficient. The distributed infrastructure presents blockchain with an ability to share reliable information and provide for the unalterable transfer of data– ensuring data integrity. This makes the blockchain technology an essential tool in building trust among business and consumers.

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