Cloud Computing Making Inroads into Capital Markets

Cloud Computing Making Inroads into Capital Markets

By Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Friday, August 02, 2019

Cloud Computing The capital markets sector is increasingly using the cloud to improve business and security.

FREMONT, CA: Capital markets and investment companies are leveraging the benefits of cloud computing, with infrastructure as a service and data management as its most popular options.  Despite the risks of privacy and data sensitivity, the effectiveness of cloud computing for capital markets seem very positive. The benefits of a cloud computing solution work magically for the industry. Manageable capital investments, pricing model, reduced costs, and scalability are the current demand among capital market firms, and also the delivery paradigm of a useful cloud model.

Most capital markets firms and investment banks are looking toward a cloud-enabled future and thinking about IT and operations differently. They recognize the need to upgrade the present  IT arrangements in which they build and operate their data supply chains. Firms are preparing to compete by differentiating value through cloud-powered services, processes, algorithms, and data.  Reports show that capital markets organizations are embracing the cloud as part of an additional layer strategy to adopt a proactive, fluid approach to risk management. Besides, forward-looking firms that turn to public cloud solutions are rapidly identifying advantages, including improved security.

The potential cost savings also represent a strong argument for the cloud. But for capital markets and investment banks, cloud adoption is part of a broader strategy toward practical digital innovation too. Revamping with the cloud requires a clear and systematic vision, effective governance, lasting processes, and intelligent delivery technology. With these things in place, firms can accelerate operations and improve a range of functions from modeling, analysis, and integration to detecting anomalies. 

Cloud is not just a cost play, but for many capital markets firms, it is a revenue-generating play that removes legacy IT constraints on the speed of provisioning and storage limitations. The cloud migration will need to be a phased approach with a clear strategy depending upon the business risk appetite of the firm, complexity of the organization, and end-customer considerations. 

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