CQG's Partnerships as a Part of its Growth Strategy

By Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Friday, December 21, 2018

Ryan Moroney, President

With today’s evolving IT landscape, trading organizations, for the most part, use various spreadsheets and proprietary tools in an offline environment to discern the dollar duration of their investments, and carry out bonds, swaps, and other fixed income transactions at global level, requiring them to not only have a deep global market knowledge, but also to execute the right tradeoffs quickly in order to gain optimum benefits. CQG, as a technology organization, provides best-in-class trading solutions, global market data, and advanced technical analysis to their clients. The firm has brought all investment assessments to the single interface and uses the data to calculate correctly based on several major factors. The president of CQG Ryan Moroney states, “We correct the values of the investments to simplify the way Fixed Income traders see and access multiple markets.”

The company’s flagship product, CQG Integrated Client, offers innovative trading interfaces on a single platform with global market data, data analysis, visualization, and advanced order routing solutions.

CQG partners with the vast majority of upcoming brokerage and clearing companies, and provides direct market access (DMA) to more than 45 exchanges through its co-located global network Hosted Exchange, Gateways. One of the recent partnerships of the CQG was its collaboration with Matador Prime, a leading global institutional broker. CQG clients can access the liquidity of Matador and trade directly with Matador Prime through the partnership. Here, Matador enables the clients of CQG to easily access their liquidity and trade directly with Matador prime. In addition to providing liquidity, Matador will also provide CQG’s customers with access to its own FX algorithmic model.

"We correct the values of the investments to simplify the way Fixed Income traders see and access multiple markets."

CQG has built its legacy on its ability to clearly and efficiently communicate market activity, and the technology solutions of the company have become the standards of the finance sector. One of the main reasons of CQG’s success is that the company never directly offers products; rather, it enters into a trusted partnership with the clients to realize the requirements, needs, and weak areas. Besides, the dynamic work culture of CQG greatly influences the employees to work efficiently with more involvement; this has also resulted in an internal growth for the organization.

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