Digital Securities Offering through Securitize

Digital Securities Offering through Securitize

By Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Friday, March 29, 2019

When legacy companies are affected by blockchain stocks, their assets increase. It is the last entry into the stock market revolution. Blockchain technology has been one of the buzzwords for stock market investors this year. This technology could start to reform the stock market itself in early 2019. The Securitize platform is a robust and proven platform rich in features that has several successful digital securities issuances in the blockchain.  Securitize is a full-scale technology platform for services that provide both investors and issuers with powerful features and specific tools that provide users with a convenient dashboard to manage their digital securities.

The Securitize DS Protocol is the most comprehensive, flexible, and adopted solution today on the market. The DS Protocol ensures the compliance of digital securities issued through the Securitize platform throughout the market and exchanges. The Securitize Digital Securities (DS) Protocol has the highest market rate today and offers a seamless, compliant integration solution throughout the digital security cycle for Issuers, Investors and Exchanges, from initial issues to trading, distribution, and governance. In the recently held series A funding round led by Blockchain Capital, Securitize has accumulated £10 million.

The company intends to offer a ready-to-market primary issuance platform for asset-backed security tokens on blockchain and has played an essential role in the digital securities industry development, including SPiCE VC issuances, Augmate, 22x blockchain VC Company, and the digital security upgrade from Blockchain Capital. The San Francisco-based company will soon issue digital securities with more planning customers. EQUI Global, a technology-focused blockchain venture capital firm, unites the traditional principles of investing with a blockchain backend that allows value to be realized and traded through the EquiToken open market, allowing investors to buy and then trade into the fund via the liquidity developed by the Ethereum-based token.

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