First Rate and HiddenLevers Unite to Cater to the Wealth Management...

First Rate and HiddenLevers Unite to Cater to the Wealth Management Industry

By Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Tuesday, August 13, 2019

The merger will assist wealth managers in leveraging wealth management solutions equipped with cutting edge technology.

FREMONT, CA: The ability to partner with best technology providers allows to leverage completely reconciled and accurate performance data. The future-centric risk attributes are crucial for efficient management of investor assets for a wealth management firm. With the mission to equip the wealth managers with the capabilities required for better management of their client investments, First Rate has joined hands with HiddenLevers.

First Rate has the expertise as a provider of wealth management solutions that assist financial companies in developing absolute transparency and in helping the investors to understand and simplify their financial operations. HiddenLevers is dedicated to the development of cutting-edge analytics and risk monitoring platform. They provide next-level analytics, applications, and economic research for the wealth management sector. With assets worth nearly $500 billion, HiddenLevers provides client-facing and home office solutions dedicated to asset managers, financial advisors, compliance teams, and corporate treasuries.

The HiddenLevers platform comprises of institutional grade-risk analysis developed for asset managers and portfolio. They also provide an unparalleled visual experience that helps client-facing advisors. The platform also translates multi-variate stress testing and various risk analyses into a simple UX for advisors and end-clients to understand portfolio vulnerabilities and strengths in a better way.

Companies and asset managers are also striving for solutions to cut down the risk factor in their business processes. Risk Monitor is a business platform for wealth management C-suite designed to spot risk across revenue, clients, assets, and profitability from a company-wide view to a single advisor’s book of business. With consolidation ramping up for both RIAs and trust banks, executive teams can bank upon HiddenLevers for the management of growth and complexity in real-time.

First Rate and HiddenLevers are thrilled to dive into unchartered territory referring to the wealth management business. The integration signals the best-in-class wealth management solutions in line with enterprise business intelligence, which is highly valued in the current market.

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