How can AI Power Investment Decisions?

How can AI Power Investment Decisions?

Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Investors are relying on AI-driven solutions for risk mitigation and smart decision-making capabilities. 

FREMONT, CA: Artificial intelligence (AI) is proliferating across the various verticals of capital markets. This technology is revolutionizing the finance industry and largely contributing to the decision-making processes. Investment firms are adopting AI to invest faster and smarter. Major investors, especially those involved in hedge funds, are using AI and ML to understand the market proceedings better and gain a higher return on investments. Here are the ways in which AI is enabling better investments.

• Improved Prediction Capability

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AI is enabling asset managers to gather new information more quickly and precisely into their portfolio construction processes. Further, the increase of computing power has also widened the scope for financial institutions to capture and analyze data and develop rich statistical models. The above capability translates into enhanced future economic prediction enabling the investors to allocate their wealth better and to manage the risks of their portfolios.

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• Elimination of Emotional Bias

Studies suggest that human investors are not rational. Almost all investors are vulnerable to some behavioral bias. Irrational decisions resulting from such biases can severely impact the investment prospects of the investors. AI leverages various market-related data to arrive at conclusions, thereby eliminating the chance of any emotional bias and increasing the odds of returns on investments.

• Improved Client-Advisor Relationships

AI is aiding the financial advisors to automate certain aspects of their relationship with the clients. For instance, all the legal documentation, as well as initial communication and risk profiling, are getting automated. Moreover, the use of intelligent information management solutions simplifies the way information and documents are accessed, thereby increasing productivity with faster access to information. 

• Better Financial Advice at Lower Costs

AI-driven insights and research efforts enable the financial advisors to offer higher quality advice to the clients at affordable costs. Such a capability can significantly boost the investment results as the advises are coming after detailed AI-powered market research that analyzes data from various fields influencing the market.

AI is transforming the investment sector and has the potential to boost returns as well as offer a wider market perspective to the investors. 

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