How is Forex Trading Responding to New Technologies?

How is Forex Trading Responding to New Technologies?

By Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Wednesday, June 24, 2020

The barriers in forex trading are going down as technology-powered interventions enable intelligent trading capabilities.   

FREMONT, CA: The impact of technology on forex trading began with the emergence of screen-based forex trading. From then on, computers and the internet have become indispensable for traders. More recently, the surge in the use of mobile devices and the advancements in smart technologies have influenced forex trading by making it more inclusive and convenient. Forex traders now have the freedom to exchange currencies from the comfort of their homes, at any time during the day. Tools that help in analyzing datasets have also become accessible, enabling highly accurate trading practices even for beginners. The following list mentions some ways in which forex trading has responded to the changing technological landscape.   

Looking into the Future with AI

The ability to predict changes in the market is the biggest boon for financial traders. With artificial intelligence-backed solutions, traders are now able to take advantage of predictive analytics. As machines attain the ability to provide crucial market-related insights, traders can now spend more time in forming intelligent trading strategies, rather than trying to uncover trends and patterns. The overall impact of AI on forex trading has resulted in better trading strategies that ensure more returns.

Real-Time Trading

Network connectivity is playing a major role in the evolution of forex trading. 4G networks enabled minimum latency trading through smartphone apps. As coverage of 4G increased, more and more forex traders across the world accessed mobile trading platforms. A similar trend is expected with the rollout of 5G services. The latency in forex trading will go down further, allowing traders to react in real-time to market developments.Top Forex Trading Technology Companies

Expanding Role of Blockchain Technology

The factor of inclusiveness in forex trading will get a boost from the increasing application of blockchain technology. Blockchain technology has been proven as one of the most secure and convenient means of storing crucial data related to any operation. This allows decentralization in forex trading and enables smaller traders to start operating.

The reliance on forex trading on technology will increase further as relevant solutions facilitate trading operations.

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