How New Valuation and Pricing Solutions can Support Capital Market...

How New Valuation and Pricing Solutions can Support Capital Market Players

By Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Monday, September 23, 2019

Creating the best customer experience is easier than it was ever before, with advanced solutions for pricing and valuation.

FREMONT, CA: A financial technology innovator and a leading provider of integrated software, data and analytics solutions, Black Knight has acquired Compass Analytics. This acquisition will provide advanced solutions for pricing and valuation that supports loan officers and capital markets professionals. This process will, in turn, create a better customer experience, offering the most affordable rates. The provider of secondary market capabilities offers valuation, pipeline risk management, and hedge advisory services. This helps lenders provide effective prices with more profit. It also provides complex Mortgage Servicing Rights (MSR) analytics, and a cutting-edge, enterprise-level product, pricing, and eligibility (PPE) engine.

Acquiring the provider of pricing technology, Black Knight has expanded its technology footprint in capital markets. The expansion of the company will enhance connectivity between mortgage originators, investors, and services. The two companies teamed up will bring together lenders and investors by leveraging Black Knight's robust, empower loan origination system. The acquisition will also add MSR valuation capabilities to solutions that Black Knight provides and establishes end-to-end connectivity and pricing from originators to investors. To enhance functionality, companies are focused entirely on developing innovative technologies. This will bring value to the customers while improving risk management and gain an in-depth insight for smarter decision-making.

Black Knight is the leading provider of technology, analytics, and data solutions that expedite and automate many business processes across the mortgage lifecycle. The company visions to become the premier business partner that lenders and servicers rely on to achieve their strategic goals, realize greater success, and serve the customer better. The company delivers best-in-class technology, services, and insight with a relentless commitment to excellence, innovation, integrity, and leadership. 

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